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Soccer star Agüero grabs the referee by the neck and reaps a storm of indignation

Premier League: Agüero grabs the referee by the neck and causes indignation

Sergio Agüero wins with Manchester City 1-0 against Arsenal. A scene away from the game causes indignation. The striker grabs referee Sian Massey-Ellis by the neck. Some fans are calling for the Argentine to be punished.

Striker star Sergio Agüero has caused outrage in the British Premier League. The Argentine linesman Sian Massey-Ellis grabbed the neck when his club Manchester City beat Arsenal 1-0.

Shortly before, the referee had awarded Arsenal a throw-in. Aguero did not agree with this decision and let Massey-Ellis feel it physically. On the video recording, it even looks as if the Argentine would briefly squeeze.

Sergio Agüero: Rules provide for a map

When the linesman tried to take the 32-year-old’s hand away, Agüero quickly withdrew and ran away. The action was not punished – although the rules of the Premier League prescribe it. In 2016, the English elite class introduced new rules to better protect the referees.

One of them: making physical contact with the referees is strictly forbidden. An offense should therefore be punished with a red or yellow card, depending on the severity of the rule violation.

Sergio Agüero: Some are calling for a ban

Agüero got off lightly, but the Argentine was sharply criticized for his action. Well-known British sports presenter Piers Morgan asked: “Why didn’t Aguero flown off the pitch for this?”

Sports journalist Leanne Prescott went a step further and called for a ban on the Manchester City attacker. “If it had been a man, he would never have done it,” she wrote on Twitter.

Guardiola verteidigt Agüero

ManCity coach Pep Guardiola defended his protégé. “Come on guys. Sergio is the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life. Looks for problems in other situations, not this one,” said Guardiola.

However, this was noticed during his time as Bayern coach with a similar action when he touched assistant referee Bibiana Steinhaus during the game against Borussia Mönchgladbach in October 2014 after he had previously criticized her for a decision. Steinhaus pushed his arm away, Guardiola was not punished.

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