Friday, October 30

SC Paderborn 07 vs. Hannover 96 live: Current score 1: 0

90. min + 5. min

With that we say goodbye. Do well, goodbye.

90. min + 5. min

Scarce and deserved: Due to the performance in the first half and right after the restart, Paderborn rightly took the victory. In the first round, the 96ers were completely beside themselves and were inferior in all respects. After three changes in the 55th minute, Hannover were the better team, but ran into two or three really dangerous counterattacks and did not bring their few chances on goal. Photo: Friso Gentsch, dpa

Next games SC Paderborn 07:

SV Sandhausen (A), SSV Jahn Regensburg (H), SV Darmstadt 98 (A)

Next games Hannover 96:

Fortuna Düsseldorf (H), SpVgg Greuther Fürth (A), FC Erzgebirge Aue (H)

90. min + 5. min

The End! Paderborn beats Hanover 1-0.

Tor: 1: 0 Johannes Dörfler (26.)

90. min + 4. min

Another chance for Hanover! Ducksch goes completely unrestricted into the sixteenth and has all options when coming from the left. He thunders the playground equipment past 14 meters to the left, which is not surprisingly visibly annoying.

90th min + 2nd min

Hanover operates with long balls, one finds Ducksch free on the left in the penalty area. His head-in crossed Schonlau, probably intentionally, just wide of the right post. Important rescue operation.

90. min

Four minutes of stoppage time are displayed.

87. min

The 2-0 is very close again! But first Esser parries against Nkaka, then Falette saves the margin from Dennis Jastrzembski on the line.

85. min

Counterattack for the SCP, Marco Terrazzino has a lot of time in the right half space. He goes into the penalty area, thinks about what exactly he should do and is severely dismissed by Hübers.

82. min

… and Aristote Nkaka replaces Kai Pröger.

82. min

Two new ones for Paderborn: Dennis Jastrzembski comes for Chris Führich …

81. min

On the other hand, Svante Ingelsson is sent into the box at the perfect moment. He curves around Esser and shoots at the outside netting with his left from an acute angle.

79. min

Hannover is getting closer to equalizing. On the right side, Sei Muroya broke through, his flank puts compatriot Haraguchi over it because he is simply missing a step. Close matter.

76. min

Marco Terrazzino sees the yellow card for a tactical foul on the center circle.

73. min

Prince Osei Owusu steps onto the field, giving way to Dennis Srbeny.

71. min

Jaka Bijol conquers the leather deep in the opposing half, which allows Haraguchi to approach the penalty area and shoot with the left from 18 meters – very far over it.

69. min

Weydandt headed a high pass into the top of Ducksch’s barrel, which had a lot of space. He takes the ball badly on the edge of the box with his chest, so that Leopold Zingerle only has to pick it up.

65. min

Suddenly, not only is the effort at Hannover right, the ball also rolls much faster and cleaner through its own ranks. Photo: Friso Gentsch, dpa

63. min

A fresh newcomer comes into play: Marco Terrazzino replaces Julian Justvan.

62. min

That was much closer: Ducksch gets the ball on the left edge of the penalty area, pulls in and then with his right foot. The ball just misses the lower left corner.

60. min

A serious conclusion follows: A ricochet lands in front of the penalty area at Kaiser, who immediately closes with the right. With a lot of momentum, he sends the ball clearly over the box from 20 meters.

58. min

Hanover is immediately more active, if not more successful in the game forward. After all, the 96 keep the hosts away from their own goal for a longer period of time.

55. min

Valmir Sulejmani is also coming for Linton Maina.

55. min

In the back right, Sei Muroya is new to Kingsley Schindler in the encounter.

55. min

Kenan Kocak has seen enough: Jaka Bijol is coming for Mike Frantz.

54. min

In the meantime, the guests take on the fight, but all too often the Reds are only second winners in direct duels. In addition, there are many bad passes in the last third, which almost excludes scoring chances for them so far.

49. min

The next good option: After a pass from Führich, Justvan appears in the box on the left. The left-foot shot from a critical angle hops past the far post. That was also very close.

46. ​​min

The big chance after 20 seconds! Dennis Srbeny goes to the penalty area, the Hanoverians are only two in the last row. The Paderborn attacker shoots from 16 meters on the far corner and misses his target. It was close to 2-0.

45. min + 3. min

Strong East Westphalia constrict the guests. Paderborn was very committed from kick-off and bought the away team off the leash. The Reds hardly ever made a clean attack on the penalty area of ​​the SCP, which took the lead thanks to a stroke of genius by Dörfler. Unless something changes at 96, it will set the second away loss of the season. Photo: Friso Gentsch, dpa

45. min + 3. min

Break, it is 1-0 for Paderborn against Hanover.

45. min

It should be played for two minutes.

42. min

Even if Paderborn makes the much better impression, there is still room for improvement when it comes to offensive play. The fact that they take Hanover’s offensive out of the game in such a way is the great merit of the first half.

39. min

As far as the guests are concerned, practically nothing comes together offensively. The outside with Genki Haraguchi and Linton Maina are hardly played, Weydandt and Ducksch at the front are not a factor so far.

35. min

A flash of inspiration from Kaiser gives Hanover an opportunity: With a drop kick from the turn, the ex-Leipzig player brings the ball from the right towards the penalty spot. Weydandt is pretty free there, hits the surprising cross with his head only very thin – clearly to the left.

34. min

Kingsley Schindler and Svante Ingelsson bang their heads together, the Paderborn man needs more intensive treatment. However, it continues for both of them.

30. min

The lead is well deserved after the last few minutes. The SCP became more and more active, while the guests could not structure their own building game. However, 96 turned in the derby before the international break only after a 0: 1 and won in the end 4: 1.

29. min

Dennis Srbeny sees the first yellow of the game.

26. min

The crowd on the left in front of the penalty area creates a chance for Pröger, whose shot Esser fends off to the right into the penalty area. Dörfler gets the ball, wobbles back and forth against the passive Niklas Hult three times, deceives a lot – and then shoots the left inner post from 15 meters.

26. min

Goal for SC Paderborn! Johannes Dörfler scored the 1-0.

24. min

Esser lets a back pass slip over the instep and only saves the ball shortly before the goal. The box was not in danger, but the scene is suitable as an example of the previously rather unsafe game of the guests.

22. min

Now Jamilu Collins has caught it in an aerial duel with Hendrik Weydandt. For him, it goes on without a major break.

20. min

The game continues quickly, with Schindler stepping onto the lawn shortly afterwards.

19. min

Kingsley Schindler is in his own penalty area and needs medical attention. The game is interrupted.

17. min

This chance is even better: Dennis Srbeny approaches the back four centrally and puts in the sixteen at the right moment through an interface to Ingelsson. He has to shoot directly at the eater coming out of the turn and lifts the ball over the goal.

13. min

Because Schindler thinks the ball is already out in the defensive duel against Führich on the left, but is clearly wrong, Svante Ingelsson comes from the left in the penalty area to the first correct conclusion of this game. He doesn’t bring the leather onto the box, instead it flies through the fiver without touching it.

9. min

The home side’s fast-paced game is over for now. Against very attentive Hanoverians they need a lot of passes in order to play their way out of their own half in a controlled manner.

6. min

The Paderborn team, which is quite inexperienced due to a few failures, goes fast from the start when the ball is in their own ranks. 96 is initially challenged against the ball.

3. min

Falette, a central defender brought in shortly before the transfer deadline, who was loaned to Fenerbahce by Eintracht Frankfurt last season, starts at Hannover. Marco Terrazzino initially sits on the bench at Paderborn.

Preliminary report

The match will be directed by the experienced referee Manuel Gräfe.

Preliminary report

This is how the guests begin: Michael Esser –Kingsley Schindler, Simon Falette, Timo Hübers, Niklas Hult –Linton Maina, Dominik Kaiser, Mike Frantz, Genki Haraguchi –Marvin Ducksch, Hendrik Weydandt

Preliminary report

Here is the list of hosts: Leopold Zingerle – Jamilu Collins, Sebastian Schonlau, Uwe Hünemeier – Johannes Dörfler, Ron Schallenberg, Svante Ingelsson, Kai Pröger – Julian Justvan – Dennis Srbeny, Chris Führich

Preliminary report

Overall, the Hanoverians will be very satisfied, after all, at 96 there was at least a medium-sized change in personnel in the summer, which should lead to promotion at the end of the season.

Preliminary report

The guests from Lower Saxony’s state capital achieved the enormously important derby victory on the weekend before the international break, 4-1 it was in the end against Braunschweig. The Reds started the season with a 2-0 win over Karlsruhe, and in between they lost 2-1 to Osnabrück.

Preliminary report

Also because of the bumpy start, those responsible have added personnel last week: With Marco Terrazzino (previously Freiburg) and Marcel Heller (Darmstadt) came two players who had initially not found a new club. Heller in particular is very familiar with the league – both should improve the chances on the offensive.

Preliminary report

As a relegated team, SC Paderborn is automatically one of the favorites for promotion, but was rarely able to convince in the first few games. The difficult opening program against Kiel (0: 1), Hamburger SV (3: 4) and Heidenheim 0: 0 ensures that Steffen Baumgart’s team is already under a lot of pressure before the fourth difficult match today.

Preliminary report

Welcome to the game between SC Paderborn and Hannover 96.

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