Sunday, October 25

Refugees from Karabakh: They are awaiting their return under fire

In Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, rockets hit a residential area on Saturday night
Image: André Widmer

Refugees from the first Karabakh war have been waiting in Azerbaijan for almost thirty years. The war now gives them hope to return to their homeland.

DAll day long, detonation after detonation can be heard. There are maybe a dozen men who are staying in the Margusovan refugee settlement on the outskirts of the small town of Terter in Azerbaijan. You spend the night in the air raid shelters in the houses. The windows of the buildings are shattered, roofs and facades damaged. At Terter on the northern part of the front of the Nagornyj Karabakh war, Armenian and Azerbaijani units engaged in heavy fighting with heavy artillery. Rocket launchers are often used.

It is only a few kilometers from the front to the city. As a result, the residential areas are within range of the artillery and are often hit. Up to the beginning of the fighting, around 1,100 refugees from the first war for Karabakh, which raged from 1991 to 1994, lived in 34 apartment blocks in the refugee settlement. But now they and most of the population of Terers have fled the fighting.

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