Thursday, October 29

Presidential election under pressure in Bolivia

More than seven million Bolivians are called to the polls this Sunday to elect their president. A poll which is being held in a tense atmosphere, in a very polarized country, almost a year after the resignation of the former head of state Evo Morales. The latter was then accused of fraud by the opposition. This is the first presidential election in twenty years in which Evo Morales has not been a candidate, and it also ends the interim government of conservative Jeanine Anez, who is not a candidate.

Among the favorites, Luis Arce, 57, the dolphin of Evo Morales, candidate of the Movement towards Socialism. His main opponent is ex-President Carlos Mesa, the 67-year-old centrist candidate.

Many Bolivians fear a repeat of the violence that took place after the 2019 election, which claimed the lives of 36 people. An exceptional security system has therefore been put in place. To avoid post-election tensions as much as possible, no final results will be disclosed when the polling stations close. The Electoral Tribunal wishes to give itself time. The Bolivians also elect their vice-president and renew their entire Parliament.

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