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[PHOTOS] Wendake drama: tribute to the deceased little brothers

One week after the murder of two brothers aged 2 and 5, sadness and solidarity still envelop the community of Wendake, in the Quebec region, where residents, relatives and friends of the bereaved family are gathered this Sunday to pay tribute to the two young victims.

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A citizens’ march is organized to commemorate the short lives of the “little angels of Wendake”, departing from the Huron-Wendat development and training center, starting at 2 pm. The walkers take a brief circuit through the streets of the village, to the sound of prayers and songs, about a mile from where the bodies of the two children were sadly discovered on October 11.

Due to the pandemic, only residents of Wendake and its surroundings were invited in person. The organizers insisted on wearing a face covering and physical distancing. The event is broadcast live on Facebook to allow as many people as possible to attend virtually while limiting the size of the physical gathering.

The tragedy caused a commotion within the Huron-Wendat Nation – the family of the victims resided in Wendake without being originally from the nation – and in the rest of Quebec. A surge of solidarity has so far made it possible to raise more than $ 22,000 to help mothers of children and their families.

The misunderstanding is all the greater since reports had been lodged with the DPJ before the tragedy, one of which would have been made by a peace officer.

The main suspect, Michaël Chicoine, 30, is charged with second degree murder. He had been known to the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale since 2013, according to documents obtained by The newspaper a few days ago. Followed up for mental health problems, he would not always have followed up on the interventions offered to him.

Note that a publication ban protects the identity of victims and prevents it from being specified whether they have a link with the accused.

Multiple investigations are now trying to shed light on the tragedy and determine whether the rights of toddlers in Wendake may have been infringed. In addition to the police and coroner’s inquiries, the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse and an external inquiry chaired by criminologist Michelle Dionne are also looking into this case.

More details to come …

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