Friday, October 23

Pedro’s ‘presuppositions’

Bildu’s wet dreams are not even those of his elders: they have the bizum; his predecessors broke ATMs and the aita – and the aita – had the muga and the guns tattooed even on the hypothalamus.

I want to say that Bildu has done something historic: to be the leg of the government of the oppressive State and justification of so many years of suffering there and here: in the hamlet and in the farmhouse.

Following the poem of Niemöller, first they went for such, then for which … but they ended up coming for the people who dress and wear shoes and now they manage your unemployment. So much so that Bildu is left today and Podemos, the tanganilla of Iglesias, a toga-free center, a patriotism quiet, a brother party of Hooch, which is thrown cologne and is well whitewashed by the Frankenstein coalition, which is euskaldún by the four -or two- screws.

Sánchez will give the PNV the prisons in five months and, with a mask, the ETA martyrs will step on the streets again, as he sang Pablo Milanes on Victor Jara. What infamy.

The photo that we upload today, if we change the faces and go back twenty years, it is the same. As with Homeland. Poor people of Mondragón and Alsasua with free time and a whole matriarchy / patriarchy of mythologies with demons in which, according to a priest of the rope, the fault was the Civil Guard from Úbeda and had to be sacrificed for Christ the Redeemer. Boom.

With all this it is meant that Pedro Sánchez is the liberator of Euskal Herría, the man who brought the prisoners closer not because of that humanity of the mothers of Homeland, but rather for their political survival that can last forever between the time we kill the virus and the smart ones wean the State of Autonomies.

When the shot in the neck was common, Sánchez played basketball and was hardened in that presanchismo that is the beauty in dialectic with acne. When the Múgica or what of Lluch, Sánchez was not there nor was he expected. But then – years later – something happened, the crisis arrived and one day when I was playing the violin on a roof in the Salamanca district, ETA said that it stopped killing and the nuts boys, without going through Deusto or the delouser , we were made deputies. And of course, there is always a television with an Osborne bull in Ceuta and the photo of the child, yes, of the child, who was exploited by the turdigas in the North and that is one more figure of the uncountable -and uncounted- figures of the dead . Tears don’t matter anymore Ivan Redondo the telegenia that suits him is quite another.

What is most surprising about all this is that there are guys like Hooch or like Otegi that they come to be referents of peace of those who read Chomsky badly translated and between the peace of a patio with jasmine. Like my neighbor Genaro, good man with bad readings.

Some intellectual cockle from the Government -whatever it was- changed the story so that the left compromised with them no longer as interlocutors, but as victims. And that is the story; and who does not commune with Vox, my love.

The approach of prisoners was the wish of ETA by which Michelangelo White He arrived brain dead at the University Hospital of San Sebastián. There, where so many doves and a coffin and a spirit came from, that of Ermua, which was the best of our democracy. Something as unspeakable as the separation of powers: Oh the times, oh the morals ofwhat would i say Cicero.

I saw the Wall fall in my childhood sleepless nights with my first drink at the age of four, but with ETA and its supposed end I didn’t have that that my elders from the PCE had when Franco He kicked the bucket: the champagne in Paris and the fucking between comrades.

I know the Basque Country as if I had been born in it; I have been half engaged to one from Elgoibar, a peneuvista, and that imposes character and knowledge of what it is to live in a deception with good food and brothers-in-law who spy on you. On the bus premium I wrote my last book and I learned that there is a green Spain that should not be left aside.

I know that the rapprochement of prisoners granted by Sánchez is something that surprises the PNV, that it silences the Zutabes, that it guarantees some Budgets and that it gives the widows the end of death: doubly confined. For the bug and for the bug; the covid or the snake.

Prisoners go home: all accomplished.

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