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Pedro J. in ‘Liarla Pardo’: “Married must vote ‘no’ on the motion, he cannot be condescending with Vox”

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Pedro J. Ramirez, director of The Spanish, has given his opinion this Sunday in the program Liarla Pardo, of The sixth, that motion of censure that will be debated this week in the Congress of Deputies at the proposal of Vox is presented as an opportunity for Pablo Casado to set itself up as an opposition to the extremes and that, therefore, it must vote ‘no’ and avoid being condescending with the ultra-right wing.

“Married has the opportunity to establish himself as defender of centrality against the authoritarianism of Vox and Sánchez y Podemos, “he explained. The nucleus closest to the leader of the PP is inclined towards ‘no’ to avoid “being part of the Vox circus”, but the direction of the vote is not yet firm.

Director of The Spanish is clear that the popular should vote ‘no’, since “the The vote is not about whether or not Pedro Sánchez likes it, but about whether they want Santiago Abascal be the President of the Government “.”Married would make a mistake with very serious consequences if it were condescending With this hypothesis, José María Aznar told him and most of the members of his party have told him, “he explained.

Pedro J. Ramírez in ‘Liarla Pardo’

The journalist Cristina Pardo has also questioned her about the proposal of the PSOE and United We Can for the reform of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which would allow Congress and the Senate to elect the six members that correspond to each chamber with a majority absolute in second vote.

“Is he biggest political mistake Sánchez has made and his team, “he said.” They have not calculated the reaction of the European Union and all sectors of the judiciary, “he added, underlining that even the PSOE voters themselves are against it, as shown in the poll that this Sunday has published The Spanish.

The survey carried out by SocioMétrica for this medium deduces that 73.9% of Spaniards are against the reform of the Judicial Power raised by Pedro Sánchez from the hand of United We Can.

According to Pedro J. Ramírez, however, “this does not exempt the PP from its responsibility to block the organ.” Still, “the solution is not to pull down the middle street with a proposition of ley blatantly unconstitutional, as Alvaro Rodríguez Bereijo, former president of the Constitutional Court, said in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL.

They must withdraw the proposal as soon as possible and the following day the parliamentary groups of the PSOE and the PP must sit down. Nobody else. Between the two there are 210 deputies that constitute the three fifths of the Chamber. In the current system it’s a negotiation of two“, has defended.

About him fear that has undergone for years within the Popular Party before the entry into prison of Luis Bárcenas’ partner, Rosalía Iglesias, who could unleash the former treasurer to speak, has opined that “these people who pull the blanket delayed run the risk that when they pull there is nothing left but a corpse“.

“For Bárcenas the treatment of the PP to his wife was very important. When she was summoned for the first time in the National Court, she called Mariano Rajoy and asked him not to allow her to do the paseo. Shortly after, a commissioner made himself available to enter through the garage “, he has exposed as an anecdote.

Finally, the director of The Spanish has bet that political efforts are now focused on uniting the Spanish. “Now the priority is to unite the Spanish, nor partisan debate on the Covid nor on monarchy or republic “, has snapped.

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