Monday, October 26

Old Alicia Machado publishes a photo of the past and they tell her everything

  • Alicia Machado published a photo from the past and one of her haters tells her that she is already “old”
  • Followers defend the actress and who was also Miss Venezuela 1995
  • The postcard was from the year 2003 and many people praised her beauty and youth

The actress and who was Miss Venezuela 1995, Alicia Machado published a photo from the past and one of her haters tells her that she is already “old” and that she is “arrogant”, but her other followers defend her with a ‘swashbuckling’.

It all happened through her account of Instagram @machadooficial in which until the night of this October 17, 2020 it had more than 5,000 reactions of likes

Although the first comment seemed to indicate that it would be a ‘rain’ of criticism for the model and winner of Miss Venezuela 1995, immediately the perception of the people took a 180 degree turn.

Image taken from Instagram @machadooficial

And it is that a person did not have compassion for the artist and immediately began with the offenses by writing the following: “You are old and always arrogant.”

However, her fans came out to defend her and some people answered the Internet user like this: “Your comment is more arrogant and apart from that you look like a waffle. Go figure ”and“ Alicia is cute and authentic ”.

Commonly the actress usually responds to the negative comments she receives on her account, however, in her most recent publications she has remained on the sidelines.

This has resulted in better comments from people and that he does not wear himself out by answering all kinds of offenses he receives from his haters.

This time, as incredible as it may seem, only one person had said that negative comment to her, since the other fans focused on flattering her beauty.

On the next page we will leave you with the most positive comments from people about the image that Alicia Machado published of her past, in which an Internet user calls her “old”.

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