Tuesday, October 27

Office for New Americans Offers Digital Training to Immigrants | The NY Journal

As we live in the midst of a pandemic, the requirements for the workforce have changed. Now it is imperative that everyone communicates through digital media and it is necessary that we are prepared to face this new way of working. In New York, the Office for New Americans (ONA) has given way to an initiative called Immigrants Can Code that is aimed at training the immigrant community to have access and knowledge of digital literature, and thus allow them be part of the modernized workforce.

This program is a response to these times of economic transition in which technology has taken a leading role in the workplace. The Immigrants Can Code program opens the door for immigrants to acquire the necessary knowledge that helps them participate and excel in the changing job market. This program is designed to offer an education and training courses to use and work with computers and their virtual programs.

We in New York State and the Office for New Americans are proud to support our immigrant community and partnering with the AlbanyCanCode organization gives us a foundation to provide education that offers immigrants the opportunity to have advanced digital skills to expand your work capacity and stand out in the fast-paced and highly-paid technology market.

This partnership between ONA and Albany CanCode has many benefits as AlbanyCanCode is an organization that has trained hundreds of people in computer code and programs in Albany and Kingston. Now with this program, aimed at immigrants, it is going to expand to those who want to participate and who sign up to be part of the digital course that begins this October.

The Office for New Americans will accept applications for code courses and digital programs. These courses will be offered at different levels from basic to more advanced. For information on how to enroll and participate from the comfort of your home, call the ONA Helpline at 1-800-566-7636.

These courses are free and supported by federal funds as designated by the state to help New Yorkers excel with digital programs. Everyone can participate regardless of immigration status.

In the state of New York we are very proud to offer advancement opportunities to the immigrant community since they are an integral part of our state: training and progress is what we offer so that the state has a future that stands out in the global economy of our times with a workforce ready to face the challenges of today’s world of work.

-Rossana Rosado is the Secretary of State of New York


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