Monday, October 26

Objective pulverized for La Grande Marche!

Pierre Lavoie invited Quebecers to walk with him virtually and they answered the call in large numbers.

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The instigator of La Grande Marche du Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie aimed to have 30,000 participants. In the end, more than 150,000 people registered on the site and walked the five kilometers.

“We did not expect such a massive participation. I believe there are plenty of reasons. There was a need and I believe the concept was simple, ”he proudly told TVA Nouvelles.

“I think walking is very inclusive. We are addressing everyone. ”

Pierre Lavoie is also aware that with the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is concerned about mental health. The best place to get some oxygen and feel safe, he says, is outdoors.

“Your body is your vehicle of expression, it will always serve you well and walking is a good way to take care of it,” he says.

An experience to repeat?

Pierre Lavoie and his collaborators will spend the next few days thinking about different projects and how to carry them out. Looking at the success of the 6th edition of the Grande Marche, he already sees the 2020 model being amalgamated with the old ones. He believes that this will be a good way to bring a breath of fresh air and renew the events.

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