Saturday, October 24

Not everything is bikinis and scandals, Carolina Sandoval debuts as a writer | The NY Journal

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

Upon his departure from Telemundo, the Venezuelan, Carolina sandoval, better known as The Venomous, is sweeping social networks with its program Lunch with Caro and even more so with his new book. Exclusively for Grupo Cantón, from Miami, the host explained.

“Tell me what you post and I’ll tell you who you are! it’s a message to everyone, it’s a literary adventure … I knew it was going to cause controversy. I knew that these chapters where I tell from lunch to late night, was going to be controversial. I want to tell people that you can do other things, don’t get pigeonholed ”.

Continuous. “Writing for me is a passion, I vent. I really wanted to get the book out, This book is textual and virtual, it is a book that is based on the opinion of the people. He was going to leave in April, but due to the contingency he was delayed. I want that complicity between me and the reader ”.

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