Saturday, October 31

No infection for Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott did not get an infection after surgery on his right ankle.

That’s what ESPN learned on Sunday.

A source told the sports channel that “for the moment, everything is going smoothly”.

Doctors were concerned about a possible infection and really monitored the condition of his loaner ankle. They wanted to avoid a situation like the one Alex Smith experienced in recent years. The latter had been infected after a long operation on his leg, which had required several more passages under the knife.

Last Sunday, Prescott fractured and dislocated his ankle during a clash against the New York Giants. He had had the operation that same evening and returned home the next day.

The Cowboys will play their first full game without their number 1 hub on Monday night, when they host the Arizona Cardinals. It is the veteran Andy Dalton who will be behind the center for this duel and possibly the rest of the season for the Texan team.

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