Saturday, October 31

New poll shows Biden leading vote intention in Wisconsin

CRUCIAL. Biden’s victories are decisive.

A new CBS News poll shows Democrat Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump among likely voters in Wisconsin, while the race in Arizona is more even.

Trump won Wisconsin by a slim margin in 2016 and sailed to victory in Arizona over Hillary Clinton; Campaigns are working to woo voters in both states with Election Day just over two weeks away.

Biden wins the support of 51 percent of likely Wisconsin voters, according to the new poll, while Trump is backed by 46 percent. In Arizona, Biden takes 50 percent among likely voters compared to 47 percent for Trump.

The polls were conducted October 13-16 and have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points for the Wisconsin results and 4.1 percentage points for Arizona.

In particular, while Trump and his campaign have been carrying home the message that he is better prepared to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the poll shows that most likely voters in both states believe that Biden would do a better job managing the crisis.

Trump is following Biden in the polls, seriously lagging behind in fundraising and losing the endorsements of some prominent Republicans and even former aides.

But one marker remains whereby Trump believes his campaign is showing its true vitality in the home leg and demonstrating why it can win again on November 3: crowd size.

Trump has gladly returned to the campaign after fighting the novel coronavirus, holding daily rallies with thousands of supporters in airport hangars, including events in recent days in Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. In doing so, the president is again flouting the warnings of physicians – including Anthony S. Fauci, the federal government’s leading infectious disease expert – about the potential health risks of large groups gathering with little social distancing and many retreat masks.


Former Vice President Biden is campaigning Sunday in North Carolina, where he will hold an afternoon event encouraging supporters to vote early. Later, you will hold a virtual meeting with African American faith leaders.

President Trump, for his part, continues his tour west. The president held events in Michigan and Wisconsin on Saturday. He will also attend a church service in Las Vegas and lead a fundraiser in Newport Beach, California.

Text taken and translated from The Washington Post

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