Tuesday, October 27

New men: not all can be alphas

Wann is a man a man? Herbert Grönemeyer did not invent this question in 1984. But even 36 years later it still does not seem to be adequately clarified, but is all the more up-to-date. At least a lot of films, books and exhibitions deal with the question of what exactly it means to be a man. Unsurprisingly, there is no clear answer to that. That makes the search for the facets of “masculinity” all the more interesting.

Anna Vollmer

Significantly, many of the men who think about their own gender are not those who hate women, who think that now it’s finally enough with equality, the minorities, the “gender mania”. No, it is feminists who campaign for more attention for the world of men, knowing full well that men who are doing well, who are allowed to show feelings, insecurities and pain, usually drink less, beat and kill, which is not only them, but also everyone else benefits. Because current feminism by no means demands the sole rule of women, but the end of patriarchy – which also means allowing men to do things that are generally not considered to be “male”.


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