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Nadal, Almeida, Dell’Atte, Leonor and the trance

Rafa Nadal

Luckily San Rafa Nadal is not superstitious or stupid. If it had been like that, he would never have passed the thirteenth trophy barrier Roland Garros, conquered by the manacorí last day 11 in Paris. The date was significant, but I doubt that Rafa crossed his fingers, knocked on wood, or wore a yellow ribbon in his hair.

When the tennis player strives for glory, stress also shoots up. That does not mean that his genius diminishes or his professional capacity is disrupted, it is not that. At the most it could affect your hair garden. I already say; as much.

The first time Rafa Nadal underwent a hair transplant, he was not entirely satisfied. And it is that he lost hair and had to go through the operating room again. Now his garden is more crowded. It is a garden without flowers but it has a good presence.

For a while I dedicated myself to counting the tics that Rafa displayed on each serve. Now the tennis player is still a tic factory, but I have stopped telling them.

The world of art, sports and bullfighting is full of ashes. Rafa is not only our handsome officer, but the most prudent and thoughtful. Zero superstitious. Nothing cool. Her head of hair, moreover, is getting closer to becoming the gardens of Babylon. He deserves it.

Eleanor of Bourbon

He wrote it Luz Sánchez Mellado, who knows everything and a little more. Speculating on the figure of the Princess of AsturiasShe said more or less “there is a summer in which girls stop being girls to become women.” And he added: “we do not know if Leonor de Borbón has passed the trance, but if it has not been this summer, it will be the next.”

You will not go to bed without knowing one more thing. This is not said by Luz, but by me, who is part of a generation that had to be dismantled with a blow of clichés. To begin with, I did not associate the trance with the seasons of the year. In other words: since I discovered the version you made Julio Iglesias from the trance of Chabeli (From girl to woman) had not heard anything like it.

The princess was born on October 31, during a bridge in which Madrid it opened up to the roads and Mama Leti took advantage of the occasion to give birth without pain.

In short: the princess of Asturias turns 15, that age when young women wear a cheesy dress to celebrate the event with friends. Leonor and Sofia They are almost the same. As far as it is known, one is not smarter than another, nor is another more funny than one. They have always dressed the same (in any case, the differences have been of nuance) and they do not seem to have very different vocations. To begin with, it is very important that both of you do not want to be Queens. Just missing. It would be better for Leonor to want to be Queen, and the Infanta Sofía, a footballer. That way they won’t fight.

In short: Leonor has all the earmarks of being the pretty girl of the family, while Sofía will represent the sugarcane faction. I don’t know if girls are aware of the difference in roles that life has imposed on them because they were born predestined.

On Friday, in Oviedo, Leonor assumed a stellar role in the delivery of the Princess of Asturias Awards. She is a studious young woman who has been instilled with diction and grammar by her mother. I am struck by the good Catalan he speaks, above his parents and sister. If there is something that bothers me about her, it is precisely that she speaks better Catalan than I do.

Both Leonor and Sofía wear their hairs that match their way of being (perfectionists who are they: they do not move a hair). The two walk with a certain body stiffness, but more Leonor, who is a Famosa doll born to go in an urn. They walk with a certain stiffness, without moving their necks. Sofia has a more natural and sporty look. On the other hand, Leonor has the dimensions more adjusted to the little princess that she carries inside. They say that she is already wearing high-heeled shoes, although she ignores her mother’s advice and prefers to be a Cinderella on board a Converse.

The mayor of Madrid

Ayuso Y Almeida They are two creatures of Pablo Casado who stand up for Madrid. Creature A (Ayuso), with more inexperience and daring, and B (Almeida), with more pause and good sense. It is not for making less of the president of the Community (or yes) but Almeida has in her favor that everyone likes her: Tyrians and Trojans, position and opposition, journalists and aspirants.

Almeida was born a few months before he died Franco, so by age it could belong to that generation of Madrid people who do not know who won the war. It is not your case. Almeida studied to become a state attorney, a profession he inherited from his two grandparents, both also state attorneys. Almeida was an unknown councilor of the Madrid City Council in the era Carmena. Now it is a rising stock.

He competed, at least in the pools, with Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to the spokesperson of the popular group in the Congress of Deputies. The second time Almeida’s name came up was when he was made a national PP spokesperson. His rise, there is no doubt, has been meteoric. The virus war has favored him, as his popularity has soared during the pandemic.

Almeida is number 3 in the party, behind Casado and Egea. Lately Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has accused Almeida of being a spokesperson against the spokeswoman.

He is empathetic and refractory to anger. With clear, serene eyes, he was the first Spanish politician to adopt consensus measures to fight the coronavirus.

From the line of Hope Aguirre, Almeida gets along better with Badly that Ayuso with Watery.

Antonia Dell’Atte

It’s time to change, Antonia said, looking in the mirror. And it went and changed. At first she was weird because she forgot to sharpen her eyebrows and she remembered White Carrero. Now he has corrected the error and with his white transparency recalls a Roman goddess.

Macarena Gomez He has not wanted to be less than Antonia and has also signed up for fashion. Macarena is advised by that copy of Marichalar called Aldo comas and is always fresh from Montecarlo.

White hair mixed with blonde highlights is the bomb. I am not referring to nuclear white, in a mazacote plan, but I do mean a clean white that breaks uniformity and imposes contrast.

Some women, instead of dyeing themselves white, opt for a wilder solution, letting the gray hair grow freely, in a jungle plan. Apart from the traditional white (granny white) there is the pearl gray color, of great visual softness, or silver gray, which increases the age but decreases the temperature. Pale pink and bright white hair adds elegance and radiance.

I discovered the pale caramel pink Teresa Viejo and I found it spectacular, but it requires a lot of care. Bright white brings beauty and lightness. It can be worn in the hair or with a loose updo, as it is Teresa Aranda, ex of Cebrian, that despite being born in Córdoba She is a very New York woman.

Dell´Atte reappears in transparent white to match the Carrero Blanco model eyebrows. Applause please.

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