Sunday, October 25

Murcia is also filled with flags of Spain in tribute to the victims of Covid

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The National Association of Victims and People Affected by Coronavirus has planted in the landscaped median of one of the main avenues of Murcia thousands of flags of Spain in symbolic tribute to those who died from that disease, whose number is 56,000 in a statement. They already did the same in Seville, Valencia and Madrid.

After the similar actions carried out, the Roma park in Madrid; the Patacona beach, in Valencia; and the Alamillo park, in Seville, the organization has also chosen the parallel garden that bears the name of the Murcian artist Isidoro Valcarcel Medina, between the Vistalegre and La Flota neighborhoods, next to the health center.

At that height, where the headquarters and headquarters of the Civil Guard are also located, a larger Spanish flag has been placed on the lawn under a large white ribbon that reads: “Justice victims of the coronavirus”.

They have placed the flags with a small pole that is pricked into the grass so that they flutter if it is windy this morning and they will collect them at 6:00 p.m., but at 12 noon they have called a minute of silence after which a manifesto will be read announced.

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