Thursday, October 29

MLB series: despite losing the Astros, Carlos Correa is proud

Even though the Houston Astros were defeated in the American League final, shortstop Carlos Correa is proud of his squad.

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“I’m really proud of this team,” he said on a daily basis Houston chronicle Saturday, after the loss of 4-2 to the Tampa Bay Rays in the seventh game of the series between the two clubs.

“It was an incredible adventure. I have never had so much fun playing baseball as this year with this group of guys, ”continued Correa.

The Astros were playing in a particular context in 2020. Earlier this year, they were severely punished by major league baseball for orchestrating a signal theft system in 2017, the year Houston won the World Series. The Texan team was also one of only two major league teams to make the playoffs with a losing record in the regular season.

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