Tuesday, October 27

Miguel Bedoy assures Telemundo NBC Universal Iran Court

  • Former Telemundo host shares unexpected news
  • Miguel Bedoy assures that the chain he worked for and NBC Universal will go to Court
  • “They do not want scandal,” he said

Just a few weeks ago, Miguel Bedoy announced that he would file a complaint against Telemundo for alleged discrimination and harassment, and now, the former presenter assures that the network for which he worked and NBC Universal will go to Court.

It was on his account Instagram that Miguel Bedoy shared this exclusive in an interview he gave Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain for the program Chisme No Like.

“Stronger and firmer than ever! Telemundo and NBC Universal will have to respond in court ”, you can read in this publication that has more than a thousand reproductions to date.

FOTO Instagram Miguel Bedoy

After greeting the program’s hosts, the former Telemundo host confessed that he would lie to them if he told them that his health is “excellent”, but that he is fighting harder and firmer than ever.

“My health, unfortunately, is deteriorating a bit, but I am stronger and more on my feet than ever. This fight is just beginning ”.

Miguel Bedoy shared that he was hospitalized again, since he had a quite serious relapse and that there will be changes in his health situation, because he has other complications, but that if God keeps him alive it is because of the mission he has to fulfill.

The former Telemundo presenter commented that a few days ago the network’s lawyers met with their lawyers and several people from the Court: “Telemundo is taking this problem very seriously. Let me tell you that there is something that pleases me, they are already beginning to make positive changes, hopefully so ”.

Miguel Bedoya seeks that journalists be respected, as in his case, “as it should be”, but what Telemundo is asking for is something else: “What they are asking is that there be basically no more noise, they do not want a scandal, because they did not believe that we would have the pants, the strength, the dignity and the honor to stand in the media and do what we are doing ”.



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