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“Migrantifa” is temporarily stopping political work

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On October 3rd, anti-Israel slogans were chanted at a demonstration by the “Migrantifa Hessen” alliance. Now the group practices self-criticism and publicly asks for forgiveness.

Two weeks after anti-Israel slogans were chanted at a demonstration in solidarity with refugees in downtown Frankfurt, the “Migrantifa Hessen” alliance publicly asked for forgiveness. Jewish perspectives were not heard in the run-up to the demo, according to a statement published on Friday evening. “Where Jewish life exists, it must be protected and preserved. This also includes Israel’s non-negotiable right to exist as a shelter and refuge for Jewish people around the world. “

You stand against all oppression and show solidarity with the Palestinians, according to the alliance. However, it was “inexcusable” that no one intervened when anti-Semitic statements were made at the demonstration. “We have to take responsibility for this and fundamentally reflect on our political practice,” said Migrantifa Hessen. In order to deal with one’s own attitude towards the Middle East conflict and anti-Semitism, one will for the time being withdraw from public political work.

Criticism and distancing

“Migrantifa Hessen” and the anti-racist group “Black Power Frankfurt” called for a demonstration against the conditions in the Greek refugee camps on October 3rd under the motto “Liberate Moria”. Up to 180 people took part in the protest, including many supporters of the anti-Zionist group “Free Palestine FFM”. An activist from this group had given a speech during the demonstration in which Israel had been described as the “oppressor” and which ended with the words “Yallah Intifada”, or something like “Let’s go to the Intifada”. In the further course the slogan “Palestine will be free – from the river to the sea” was chanted again and again, which is often understood as a call to smash the state of Israel.

In the aftermath of the demonstration, several groups involved, such as “Fridays for Future Frankfurt”, “Copwatch” and the “Seebrücke Frankfurt” network, clearly distanced themselves from the course of the protest. The board of directors of the Frankfurt Jewish Community and city treasurer Uwe Becker (CDU), who is also the anti-Semitism commissioner for the state of Hesse, had sharply criticized the demonstration. In the Frankfurt left-wing scene, a debate about anti-Semitism from the left had flared up.

The group “Free Palestine FFM” has meanwhile rejected any criticism and described the demo as “successful”.

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