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Mhoni Seer horoscopes week 19 to 22 October

  • Once again, Mhoni Vidente shares her predictions for the horoscopes of the week (from October 19 to 22)
  • The Cuban psychic and clairvoyant did not keep anything in her revelations
  • For people under the sign of Aries, this week they will achieve the financial goals they want so much

October advances more and more and the readers of Mundo Hispánico could not be left without knowing the predictions for the horoscopes of the week (from October 19 to 22) from Mhoni Vidente.

On this occasion, the seer Most loved by Hispanics begins by addressing people under the sign of Aries.

Aries. In the Tarot horoscope, you got the Temperance card, which means Faith and Hope in your life. In itself, this week you are going to achieve the financial goals that you want so much, such as buying a car or moving home, but this letter also tells you that you must have more balance in your love life and put jealousy aside and anger for no reason.

Remember that your sign is very temperamental and that causes you to have many arguments for no reason, so stimulate patience in your life. I recommend that you have a health check, that the Temperance card in the Tarot is the one that prevents any disease.

Remember that your Kabbalistic number is going to be 07 and 13, that is why this October you have felt that luck is on your side and tells you that it will change your life for the better in the coming months.

In itself, this card is the best of the Tarot and that is why you will feel very good with all the good attitude to achieve what you want so much.

Also, this card is very compatible with the signs of Pisces, Leo and Capricorn to do new business or romantic relationships.

If you are from the sign of Taurus or Gemini, click on the following page to find out about the predictions of the Cuban psychic and clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente for the horoscopes of the week (from October 19 to 22).

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