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Marlen Benítez Muñoz, a mother of a family, made a living selling fruits in her business with which she raised her four children.

Photo: Courtesy of the Benítez Family.

  • Tragedy of a mother: Marlen Benítez Muñoz, mother of four daughters, was run over in San Bernardino, California, when she was tending her mobile fruit stand with which she made a living.
  • The San Bernardino Police Department detained 42-year-old Robert Lee Spargo as allegedly responsible for the accident and believe the man premeditated the woman.
  • Benítez Muñoz is in a coma and his family estimates that the attack was an act of racism.

Marlen Benítez Muñoz, a mother of a family, was intentionally run over when she made a living selling fruit in California.

Benítez Muñoz, 28, was left in a serious coma after being run over in San Bernardino, California, when he sold fruit in his business with which he raised his four children.

He San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD, for its acronym in English) arrested Robert Lee Spargo, 42, for being allegedly responsible for the intentional attack on Benítez Muñoz.

The Benítez Muñoz tragedy has caused outrage and fury among the Hispanic community in Southern California who have come together to raise a single voice demanding justice for the young mother.

San Bernardino is a city in southeastern California and east of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

According to the information of the case against Spargo, consulted by MundoHispánico, on Tuesday, August 13, 2020 at 3:20 in the afternoon, the SBPD received a call to the emergency number reporting an accident.

SBD officers appeared at the intersection of Frontage Road and Highland Avenue in the eastern San Bernardino metropolitan area to treat a woman who was severely injured.

Due to the severity of his injuries, the agents asked that the victim be transferred to an emergency hospital.

A pair of Good Samaritans detained a white Caucasian man, Spargo, at the crash site, who was trying to escape the crash site by running down the street.

Marlen Benítez Muñoz, 28, was hit by a truck while she was tending her fruit stand and authorities believe that the attack was premeditated. (Photo: Courtesy of the Benítez Family)

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