Friday, October 23

Marlaska assures that “there will be no changes” in the CGPJ that do not respect the “international norm”

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The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has assured that “there will be no change” in the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) “that does not conform to international norms” and, at the same time, has accused the PP of to hold that body as “hostage to their partisan interests.”

In interviews published in newspapers The voice of Galicia Y The mail, the minister recalls that there is a constitutional mandate that establishes the renewal of the CGPJ every five years and frames the proposed law registered by PSOE and United We Can in Congress in the search for “alternatives” to the “absolutely obstructionist and impeding attitude of the PP “.

The blockade accused by the PP is “which calls into question the independence of the judiciary”He says, while demanding that the popular “use their energy not to talk so much about the Constitution, but to comply with it.”

“There is a constitutional mandate that says that it must be renewed every five years and one of the institutional obligations of the parties is to carry it out. That is a requirement,” says the minister.

According to Marlaska, Spain is “one of the twenty so-called full democracies, with a guarantee of rights and freedoms”, which is why “it is not possible to propose” a reform that puts “into question” the importance of Spanish democracy.

In addition, the minister has assured that it has been the parliamentary groups that have presented the bill and not the Government, so “it will have the corresponding process and debate.

Regarding prison policy, the minister has asked that the term “rapprochement” of ETA prisoners be banished. “We do not approach, we comply with the penitentiary legislation,” said Marlaska, who has denied that the transfer to prisons near the homes of the inmates has been accelerated and has specified that these movements had been paralyzed by COVID-19 for several months .

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