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Lucero dressed in cellulite shows her imperfections in photrography

  • Lucero exhibits her cellulite in a photograph that was taken of her with a red dress
  • This happened at the presentation of his album ‘Lucero Brasileria’ in 2019
  • Despite wearing a heart attack neckline, the neglect of her imperfections was evident

The singer Lucero exhibits her cellulite in a photograph that was taken of her in a red dress at the presentation of her album ‘Lucero Brasileria’.

Everything happened during the event that took place in 2019 when the artist Lucero presented her new digital album ‘Lucero Brasileria’, with which she would offer a concert on May 24 at the National Auditorium.

The singer took advantage of the conference to show her new shoe collection / Mexico, May 1, 2019, but neglected a very important aspect of her physique and revealed her cellulite.

Image taken from Mezcalent

These photographs were taken by the Mezcalent agency and caused great astonishment in people because they could not hide their imperfections.

The dress is red and reached her knees, however, her headache was evident and not even the pronounced neckline she used was enough to divert the eyes of the attendees who immediately noticed the detail.

Lucero is a Mexican singer who is currently 51 years old and is already beginning to ‘uncover’ some details of her age.

In its account Instagram is about to reach 3 million followers and has more than 1,66 publications of all kinds that his fans praise.

Lucero is known for her participation in different novels such as ‘Soy tu dueña’, ‘Mañana es para siempre’, ‘Lazos de amor’, ‘Por ella soy Eva’, and ‘Alborada’, among others.

She is also known for performing famous songs such as ‘El Privilegio de amar’, ‘Ya no’, ‘Electricidad’, ‘Veleta’, ‘Cuéntame’, ‘Tacticas de Guerra’ and ‘Vete con ella’, among others.

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