Thursday, October 22

Lille-Lens LIVE: A derby from the North behind closed doors, but a derby to take the lead in the championship

Time flies and he says a lot about what has become of French football. Five years since Lille and Lens have not faced each other in Ligue 1, and a bitter observation, anyway: none of the 40 players scheduled on the scoresheet this Sunday was then part of the Lille or Lensois workforce. Not a single player who can claim to have already played the Northern Derby. And they won’t be able to boast more than that at the end, since a behind-the-scenes derby isn’t really a derby. But that should not spoil the pleasure of seeing two of the most beautiful teams at the start of the season. The sure strength of Lille against the enthusiasm of Lensois, so happy to find the L1 that they forget any complex. Frankly, we want to see that.

>> Meeting at 8:30 p.m.

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