Wednesday, October 28

Laure Manaudou and Frédérique Bel unmasked in Mask Singer

Le Manchot, Camille Combal and La Bouche on the set of “Mask Singer”. – CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN-TF1

Two parrots, a skeleton, a dragon, a robot, an owl, a spider, a mouth, a vixen, an octopus, a penguin, a shark, and a wolf… Season 2 of Mask Singer started this Saturday on TF1. The game hosted by Camille Combal allowed the front page to rise to the top of audiences this Saturday with 4.75 million viewers, or 24.3% of audience share, according to Médiamétrie.

In this first episode, two celebrities were exceptionally to be eliminated. If Alessandra Sublet, Anggun, Kev Adams and Jarry quickly discovered the one hiding behind the Wolf costume, the Mouth was unmasked in extremis.

The Wolf Laure Manaudou

Under the costume of the Wolf was hiding the swimmer triple Olympic champion Laure Manaudou. A disguise in reference to the first name of his son. Jarry quickly followed the trail of the champion, from the release of the portrait where it was a question of “cap” as her swimming cap. The 34-year-old swimmer performed Yes or no of Angela. “I know who it is. It’s Laure Manaudou, ”Jarry said to his colleagues on the jury, from the first seconds of the song. “It’s totally Laure Manaudou! Kev Adams retorted.

The Mouth Frédéric Bel

“For once we’ll be right to say that I have a big mouth. Since the time that one reproaches me it was time to assume it “, launched the one who was hiding under the costume of the Mouth. Neither the portrait nor his interpretation of Fuck You by Lilly Allen did not really put the chip in the ear of the jury which quoted in bulk Michèle Laroque, Valérie Lemercier, Axelle Laffont or Julie Ferrier. At the last minute, when the Mouth was about to take off his mask, Kev Adams mentioned one of the stars of What have we done to the good Lord?,
Frédérique Bel. “Yes it’s me! “, Breathed Frédérique Bel just after being unmasked. “It was good it was but short. I’m a little sad to leave, I had lots of songs to sing to you, I had worked… ”, regretted the actress before declaring:“ I’ll be back! “

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