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Kate del Castillo will star in a “reality show” where there will be a lot of tequila | The NY Journal

Four years into the life of his own brand of tequila, Kate del Castillo she’s ready to include this drink in a new project.

It is a reality that tentatively would take by name Tequileando with Kate, which excites the protagonist of La Reina del Sur, a series in which her character, Teresa Mendoza, was also a fan of tequila.

This program, which is in the pre-production stage, will be held in Jalisco and will include the participation of different famous people.

“We are still about to close the format that it would have, but it will be like seven tequila nights with Kate; We will bring different guests from all branches, from actors, athletes, filmmakers, among others.

“One day, for example, we could go to see a shaman and at night end up at a farm where we would be tequila, then see who says more things or who can hold out more, is just an example”Del Castillo said in an interview from Los Angeles.

In addition to putting the drink on the table, the interpreter is interested in showing the State and Mexican culture in general.

“I want the same Mexicans who do not know Jalisco well to know it and for the people of the United States to know how beautiful Mexico is and all the traditions we have, in a fun way and always with tequila”shared.

This project is not the only one that Del Castillo will carry out in the land of the mariachi. I’m OKate, a play that was presented in 2017 in the United States, will be digitalized from the entity.

“It’s a comedy, a biocabaret with which I make fun of myself. Of course it is not going to have the public of the functions that we gave in giant theaters with 3,000 people. Now we will see it in a contained way, which is a format for television without ceasing to be theater. They are not scenes, they are recorded in a run ”.

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Although she will soon travel from the United States to Mexico to record I’m OKate, the businesswoman was also recently in Guadalajara to film ¡Llegó la Revolución !, a show by her father Eric del Castillo.

“It is a work that he has been doing for 40 years. We went to record it because due to the current situation it cannot be presented in theaters. We did this with my production company Cholawood Productions and I also had a small cameo in the corrido called ‘La Martina’ ”.

Kate’s current closeness to the State arose with her tequila, originally from the Los Altos region, but also because of her friendship with producer Gustavo Castillón (Xr Tales and CM Films), her partner in the audiovisual field. The link with the region is such that the actress will lead an event to present an initiative of the Jalisco Filming Law.

“I am very happy that they thought of me. I have conducted many events, but what matters to me is that we give relevance to such an important announcement that is coming and live up to it.

Confinement suits you

Del Castillo confessed that the isolation forced by the coronavirus did not affect her because she is a hermit. In addition, he continued to work all season.

“Quarantine served me because I was a couple of years old or more that I was not at home in the summer and I have enjoyed it a lot, being with my dog, being in my space.

“I may not see right now what I have been sowing this year, but I have kept working, even if it is by computer. I hope to see all the fruits next year ”.


“I am happy to return to my country not only to visit my parents, but to work with my new production company. We are doing several projects ”.

Kate del Castillo, actress.

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