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Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” takes a turn in her career and leaves comedy | The NY Journal

Making people laugh and comedy in general are two things Kaley Cuoco love deeply.

However, a brief glance at Chris Bohjalian’s novel “The Flight Attendant” was enough for the actress to venture into producing a thriller that turned her career around after starring in the hit sitcom for 12 years. The Big Bang Theory.

“I grew up in sitcoms since I saw I Love Lucy; obviously, also for having been in my first series with John Ritter (8 Simple Rules). I love the art of making someone laugh and without taking things so seriously. I did it for years on the show, adored it and would do it again immediately.

“But this was, well, a new path, one that was not that far removed from what he had done and for people to say ‘what are you doing?’ There is still that lightness and that part of me that is going to be seen ”, the actress declared.

In the last virtual edition of the Television Critics Association, Cuoco presented The Flight Attendant, about a flight attendant who, after a night of drinks, wakes up in a hotel in Dubai next to a corpse.

For the American it was important that the project had her personality and that together with her creative team they found the tone for such a dark show.

“I love drama, being scared, running. It has been something completely new and different. I’ve never done something like this before and I totally enjoyed it, but I love comedies and people think I’m never going to want to do them again (and it’s not true), ”he added.

The show, which will air on the HBO Max platform, was made through his production house, Yes, Norman Productions, which signed a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Television.

“Being a producer and part of the creative team has been a new experience for me. I never had. In recent years I have laughed a lot at this. Sometimes you don’t want to know everything that happens (when producing).

“It has been a change for my career to see the project from the beginning and to go with your instincts when you make the decisions, to put together my incredible team and learn. It has been wonderful ”, shared Cuoco, exclusively.

However, her first experience as an executive producer came with the animated series Harley Quinn, in which she also lends her voice to the DC Comics character, and which has become a cult phenomenon.

“When it was suggested to me, I said, ‘Yeah, it can be fun.’ It was a very small thing, the writers were hilarious and I fell in love. We did the show and it was crazy.

“I had no idea that something was going to go as crazy and raunchy as it already is. Sometimes I am surprised by the things I say, but, as with this new series, it has been something very enjoyable ”.

What Cuoco is sure of is that the small screen is her favorite medium, although she does not refuse the cinema.

“TV is changing. The way you can watch the series is different. With Big Bang… we did 24 episodes a year. Now it’s a different situation, you want to see everything at once, they are shorter productions.

“I love schedules, I love television and I think we are consuming it in another way. I will always love the small screen, ”said the 34-year-old comedian.


“Comedy brought me to this point and I’m totally grateful for that, but ‘The Flight Attendant’ has been a whole new journey.”

Kaley Cuoco, actress

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