Monday, October 26

Jean Castex says to himself “more than ever Charlie”

Prime Minister Jean Castex Thursday October 15. – Jacques Witt / SIPA

“The whole country is behind them,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex in the Sunday newspaper about French teachers.

“It is the Republic that we attacked”

“The President said on Friday evening: this drama affects each and every one of us because, through this professor, it is the Republic that we attacked. Once again, it is the freedom of expression, the freedom of conscience, the freedom to teach, which are the basis of our republican pact, which were targeted ”, also says Jean Castex, who qualifies the assassination of Samuel Paty of “despicable act”.

“Concrete acts”

The Prime Minister, who declares himself “more Charlie than ever”, promises that in the aftermath of this event the State will be able to rise to the occasion. “We will not give up anything, we will never give up what we are: free and enlightened citizens, in a secular and united republic, one and indivisible”.

He announces “concrete actions”, the day after a meeting held on Saturday with the Minister of the Interior and the Minister Delegate, the Minister of National Education and the Minister of Seals to “determine a strategy of respond even more firmly when a teacher is threatened ”.

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