Friday, October 30

Islamist Terror: A Cultural War Against the Values ​​of the Republic

Ein Teacher is beheaded for teaching freedom. Freedom of opinion. The freedom of art. The freedom to make fun of religion too. So a teacher who lived the values ​​of the republic. But the republic was unable to protect him, despite warnings. By now not only on the Place de la République in Paris, numerous people applaud the murdered man, identify with him (“Je suis Prof”) and show solidarity, they conjure up a unity of the nation – which is of course more fiction than reality.

The gap between the (sub) cultures is too big, for too long people looked the other way when an Islamist parallel society developed. The integration of immigrants is also necessary in the “one” and secular republic. The murderous attacks on the editors of the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” as well as on passers-by and café guests in downtown Paris were just the warlike excesses of a culture war. In it our way of life is at stake. This conflict is by no means limited to France.

It is currently only covered by other issues such as the Corona crisis and a strengthened right-wing extremism and is no longer so obvious due to the temporary defuse of the refugee crisis. That is why reports of Islamist attacks tend to go under in the public eye. But there is. And the fact that the rejected asylum seeker from Iraq, who targeted motorcyclists in his car on Berlin’s Avus in August, was admitted to psychiatry does not reduce the risk.

You can hardly protect yourself from attacks from nowhere. But one can pay attention to who is allowed into the country, who is tolerated here – and who not – and finally: who receives citizenship. A senior physician was rightly refused naturalization because he refused to shake hands with women. This reveals an enmity towards our basic values ​​that must not be rewarded.

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