Tuesday, October 20

Insults, attacks: Trump and Biden’s campaign in key states grows harder

Washington – Donald Trump in Nevada, his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in North Carolina: the two US presidential candidates travel to key election states on Sunday before a crucial campaign week, marked by a resurgence of aggressiveness.

As in 2016, Donald Trump is carrying out a frantic field campaign with several trips per day. The Republican president is due to participate in a fundraiser in California on Sunday before an afternoon rally in Carson City, capital of Nevada, state where he is five points ahead of the former vice president.

After a day of Saturday without an official event, Joe Biden travels to Durham, North Carolina, where he is to call on his supporters to use advance voting, before attending a meeting with Afro-religious representatives. Americans.

The Democratic candidate is counting on the mobilization of the black electorate to win on November 3 in this state where he is slightly ahead in the polls.

Political veteran Joe Biden leads by nine percentage points in the national poll average. But above all, with a narrower margin, in the key states which can switch from one party to another at each election.

To mobilize his supporters, Donald Trump announces him, despite the polls, “a red wave of unprecedented amplitude“, in reference to the color of the Republicans.

While the two candidates are to meet Thursday in Nashville for the last presidential debate, the Trump camp has intensified its attacks against Mr. Biden in recent days.

Joe Biden is a corrupt politician, and everyone knows it“Said the billionaire on Twitter on Sunday.

At a meeting on Saturday in Michigan, another crucial state for the election, he called Joe Biden “criminal“who represented”a risk to national security“.

He also attacked Democratic state governor Gretchen Whitmer, who imposed severe restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic, as the crowd chanted: “Put her in jail“.

– “Irresponsible“-

Ms Whitmer, a staunch opponent of the president, was targeted by a far-right group who planned to kidnap her and try her for “treasonThe individuals were arrested last week before they could complete their project.

It’s incredibly disturbing“that the president”inspires, encourages and incites this kind of inner terrorism“Gretchen Whitmer commented on NBC Sunday.

People are frustrated with this governor and it has nothing to do with this attempted attack on her“Laura Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, said on CNN, assuring that he did not”absolutely nothing to make people threaten“Mrs. Whitmer but he”was having fun“.

The president must realize that the words of a president of the United States carry weight“, said Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on ABC channel.

Injecting bullying tactics into our political dialogue, especially about a woman governor and her family, is so irresponsible“, she lamented.

The former vice president denounced Sunday the much criticized management of the pandemic by the White House, while the United States has more than 8 million positive cases and nearly 220,000 dead.

Rather than take responsibility and be a leader, President Trump continues to downplay Covid-19“Joe Biden said in a statement.”Donald Trump did not take the necessary precautions to protect himself and others. Can he be trusted to protect Nevada families?“, he added.

The US president, who has always been reluctant to wear a mask, was hospitalized three nights after contracting the virus in early October. He has since resumed his campaign at a run, claiming to be immune.

On Sunday, he defended his program of widespread testing. “The more you test, the more positive cases you detect. Very simple!“, he said on Twitter.


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