Monday, October 26

In Dresden, a Covid screening van soon available

Covid tests directly on site and with a result within an hour. In Dresden, Germany, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute presented a screening vehicle intended to be used quickly. Eventually, an infection could be detected within 40 minutes. For now, it takes another four hours. You can test 100 people per hour using a swab or mouth solution.

“If a person comes for a PCR test, then they receive a QR Code and the result is then available digitally,” explains Gerd Geisslinger of the Fraunhofer Institute. “This means that the whole process from the beginning to the communication of the result takes place here, on site. “

The researchers hope that their vehicle will be driven to areas at risk – schools or businesses – and to foci of infection.

“We are probably wasting too much time in logistics, notes Gerd Geisslinger. It does not always work well. It is therefore a way to go to the critical place while saving time since we can carry out the whole process in a one hour delay. “

The Dresden screening vehicle is expected to be certified and put into service before the end of the year.

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