Wednesday, October 21

“I made a mistake” … Strasbourg still beaten, Laurey confesses his faults

Liénard, Simakan and Aholou (from left to right) are struggling to retain Lyonnais Kadewere. The Strasbourg people made a lot of mistakes again this Sunday. – FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP

  • And six! the Strasbourg residents conceded their sixth defeat in seven Ligue 1 days. Lyon won 3-2 at La Meinau on Sunday.
  • The game was pretty crazy. OL led 3-0 before a tactical change made by Thierry Laurey allowed Strasbourg to return to 3-2.
  • With this result, Racing is in 18th place in Ligue 1.

At the Meinau stadium,

He left the field without a glance for his coach. Lionel Carole did not expect that. The left side had only played 36 minutes this Sunday when he saw his number appear on the panel brandished by the 4th referee. Yes, it was the 23 who was called back to the bench, thanks to the 26th of Habib Diallo.

At that time, Racing was already led 2-0 by Lyon. Blame it on a failed start to the match and huge individual errors. On the opening scoring, it was like that… Carole who missed out on the line-up and let Kadewere go, not immediately offside. Then, to make matters worse, Kamara missed his intervention on a not really virulent shot from the young OL striker (0-1, 12th).

And what about the second goal, the work of Toko-Ekambi? Following a loss of ball from Simakan, Depay progressed for almost 50 meters, without being attacked. Before centering quietly at the far post for his partner, him alone as well. In short, the people of Strasbourg were not there and all that had to be changed.

“He wanted to try a game of poker”

It is therefore by modifying his system that the Alsatian coach tried to reverse the trend. Finished this 4-2-3-1 (or 4-1-4-1), place at 4-4-2 with, finally, a duo of attackers instead of the only Ajorque. “I’m the first to recognize it and I told the players: I was wrong about what we wanted to set up”, admitted the technician after the game. The coach was defended by his midfielder, Dimitri Liénard: “He wanted to try a game of poker and we don’t win every time. But the good thing is that he saw it and acted. “

At first without much success since RC Strasbourg … conceded a new goal, once again the work of Toko-Ekambi (0-3, 42nd). But the physiognomy of the game had changed with finally dangerous Racing players. This was verified in the wake, with the immediate reduction in the score of rookie Diallo (1-3, 43rd). Then, just after the break, Aholou gave a little more voice to Meinau (2-3, 55th). A mad hope of recovery was born, but it remained in vain.

Despite this fine reaction, the Strasbourg residents are in 18th place after 7 days in Ligue 1. Worse, a small gap has formed with the teams ahead of them in the standings. Would the situation be serious? Neither Laurey nor Liénard wanted to say it on Sunday. “You’re going to tell me I’m crazy but I saw some positive things today. In the state of mind for example, we pushed and not given up […] It is true that we are in the hard. Afterwards, we are not in panic, ”explained the coach.

“We have to erase our mistakes, me first, and I’m sure it will,” added the player. “In our situation today, more than one team would have given up or would have argued. We stood together and we made Lyon tremble until the end. If we continue like this, I don’t see how we couldn’t get away. »Answer in Brest, next Sunday.

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