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HPV vaccination significantly reduces the risk of cervical cancer: the timing is crucial

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A data analysis from Sweden shows that vaccination against HP viruses reduces the risk of so-called cervical cancer. The vaccine works better than expected.

  • A study provides new knowledge related to a HPV vaccination and cervical cancer.
  • Researchers from Sweden prove the effectiveness of the vaccine as a preventive measure against malignant carcinomas.
  • It is important when HPV vaccination takes place.

Stockholm – vaccinating against Krebs? It was already known that you can protect yourself against HP viruses with a vaccination. Infection is the number one cause of the formation of cervical cancer. A study from Sweden shows that one HPV vaccination lowers the risk of cancer – and significantly. It is important when the vaccination takes place.

Cancer study: HPV vaccination lowers risk of cervical cancer

In 2012 died according to information from WHO 266.000 Frauen in the consequences of the Zervix carcinomas, a vicious one Tumor of the cervix. Seventy percent of illnesses and 90 percent of deaths occurred in developing countries. 2016 died in Germany 1,562 women cervical cancer, shares that Robert Koch Institute With. Some of the so-called human papillomaviruses (HPV). Like the well-known HPV vaccination the Krebs direct prevention has been researched in Sweden. The study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in early October. For this purpose, the Swedish health and population registers were evaluated with regard to more than 1.6 million girls and women in Sweden over a period of eleven years. About 600,000 women were subsequently excluded for methodological reasons.

Vaccination against cervical cancer: Protects young women from precursors of cervical cancer (symbol image).

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The study found out: The vaccination not only protects against the human papillomavirus, but also against cervical cancer. Of 518,319 women who were vaccinated before their 18th birthday, only 19 got cervical cancer, as opposed to 528,347 unvaccinated women, of whom 538 got it – almost thirty times as many. What is new about the findings is the effectiveness against the Krebs itself. Previously it was only proven that the HPV vaccination protects against cell changes and thus precursors of cervical cancer. Now they have proof that the vaccine “also prevents life-threatening carcinomas,” said researcher and author of the Jiayao Lei study.

Cervical cancer: timing of HPV vaccination against cancer plays an important role

When it comes to vaccination, the timing is crucial. If the women were vaccinated between the ages of 17 and 30, the risk of developing the disease decreased cervical cancer in the examined period by around 53 percent. Found the HPV vaccination took place before the age of 17, that fell Krebs-Risk even by 88 percent. Vaccination is therefore recommended between the ages of nine and 14, but before the first sexual intercourse.

“Girls who were vaccinated at a young age seem to be more protected,” said study co-author Pär Sparén. “Probably because they are none HPV-Infection were exposed and HPV vaccinations have no medical effectiveness against existing infections. ”In Germany, the costs of HPV vaccination Usually covered by health insurances before the 18th birthday. Guys are also advised to get vaccinated as HPV infections also affect them Krebs being able to lead.

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