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How to correctly reuse olive oil? | The NY Journal

Tips for reusing olive oil and maintaining its qualities according to the experts

Olive oil requires certain care to preserve its properties and take advantage of its benefits. However, you can reuse it after having cooked with it without losing its optimal conditions.

If you fry large amounts of food frequently, using fresh oil is not always economically practical. Reuse a way of save and reduce waste.

According to Organization Olive Oils of Spain, olive oil is able to withstand high temperatures (up to 200 ° C) without decomposing and keeping all its qualities intact. If you do it properly, the oil it can be reused up to five times.

Its reuse of oil should only be to re-cook or fry in it. It should not be reused to marinate or add raw to salads.

How to correctly reuse olive oil?

1. The main rule for reusing olive oil is that when you cook or fry, do not exceed 200 ° C. Once the oil smokes, it is no longer safe or desirable to reuse it.

Not exceeding the temperature is convenient for your oil and your food. For example: a temperature above 200 ° C can cause a breading to burn, spoil and also contaminate the oil.

2. The foods that are cooked must be as much dry possible. It is not convenient for food to release Water in the oil because this favors its decomposition.

3. Don’t cover the pan to prevent steam in the form of water from falling into the oil.

4. You should always filter the oil after each use. Let it cool and filter with a cotton or natural fiber cloth.

If used oil is not properly filtered and stored after it cools, the bacteria feed on food particles remaining in the oil.

5. The oil to be reused must be kept the same as the fresh one, protection from direct light and in a place cool, away from sudden changes in temperature.

Store in glass or stainless steel containers that block out light. Avoid using copper, iron, or plastic containers.

6. You should not mix new and used oil.

Never reuse the oil if it changed color during heating or has a strange smell.

Although it can be reused up to five times, when your appearance is dark and dense you should stop using it and use new oil.

If the oil is well filtered, stored properly, and does not overheat on the first use, the olive oil is safe to reuse.

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