Monday, October 26


  • A pleasure yacht explodes that ended up catching fire in a canal in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida
  • The fire chief said the 13 victims suffered burns of varying degrees
  • Seven of the injured were hospitalized this Thursday, two in critical condition

According to reports from the EFE Agency, at least 13 people were injured and seven of them were hospitalized this Thursday, two in critical condition, after the explosion of a pleasure yacht that ended in fire in a channel in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, according to local authorities .

The burning vessel was tied to a wall at the Lauderdale Marine Center, a yacht repair site east of I-95 and 29 miles north of Miami (46 kilometers), according to airborne images on the channel 4 of CBS.

“We received initial reports of several people with civilian boats in the area who rescued people who were burned and brought them to a dock,” said Fort Lauderdale Fire Battalion Chief Stephen Gollan.


According to Gollan, the yacht was sailing down the South Fork New River with 21 people on board when the explosion occurred, throwing passengers into the water.

The fire chief said the 13 victims suffered burns of varying degrees. Seven of the injured were taken to Broward Health Medical Center. Two of them were in critical condition this afternoon, while the other five had minor injuries.

According to channel 4, one of those patients had to be airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center, the burn unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami with burns over 40% of the body. That person was in critical condition with third degree burns, and the first 24 hours of care are crucial for burn victims, surgeon José Lozada told Sun Sentinel digital media.

A helicopter on Channel 4 was able to capture the moment when a team of firefighters was fighting to put out the fire, whose origin is unknown until now.

The 41-foot-long (12-meter) yacht looked charred on deck, as a thick column of black smoke billowed from its interior, according to aerial images.

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