Saturday, October 24

From the Edit screen The Return of Phase 2 | The Canadian News

By Raúl A. Pinto

A reforming thief needs to draw his weapon and special set of abilities just one more time; a story based on the trial of the seven leaders of demonstrations in the US in 1968; A comedy series filmed in isolation and a musical classic for the whole family are this week’s recommendations.


“Honest Thief” It is not a boring movie, if you are used to seeing Liam Neeson running through the cities to catch the ruffians who are about to take away what he loves the most. In this case, thank goodness, it’s not about his daughter, but about her reputation. After reaching an agreement with the police to return everything he stole, on the condition of having a reduced sentence that leads him to be with the woman he loves, Tom Carter decides to turn himself in. When he discovers that the pair of policemen destined to collect the loot decide to keep the fortune, he sets off to allow the more than 9 million dollars that he has saved to reach the police. Good police. Whatever it takes. It’s not the best Neeson, nor is it the best heist movie. But fans of the actor will find plenty of action material to entertain themselves. In theaters across Canada. Attention with the closure of some theaters due to covid-19

In “The Trial of Chicago 7”, Following the protests surrounding the Democratic convention in the US in 1968, seven protesters, apparently the leaders who incited the riots, begin to be tried for inciting hatred and public disorder. What is coming is a kind of war in the courts, where the judge himself begins to be accused of racism and abuse. As always, the writer and director Aaron Sorkin delivers perfect dialogues, reminding us of the great film “A Matter of Honor”, ​​or the series “The West Wing”. On this occasion, it again brings a luxury cast, by Eddie Redmayne, Frank Langella, Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Rylance and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. will be available on Netflix starting October 16.

In our recommendation of classics we tell you that the classic tape “Oliver! ” It is a good option for the family. Released in the late 1960s, this musical, straight out of the pages of the novel “Oliver Twist,” by Charles Dicken, was the first musical tape directed by then-veteran Carol Reed, who tried to go the extra mile to deliver a job. quality. And boy did he get it right: the musical numbers are perfect and the performances are excellent (pay attention to the late Jack Wild, who was nominated for an Oscar at age 15 for this film). I decided to check it out recently, and it’s as fresh, fun, and exciting as ever. Available for free at


If you have also had problems with anxiety, worry, lack of toilet paper and failure of your computer to communicate with your family, Netflix brings us the anthology “Social Distance”. In its eight episodes, it humorously presents the difficulties and benefits of the pandemic in the homes of different families. Because sometimes it is necessary to take life calmly and with humor, it is worth seeing this attempt to get closer to a reality that we all want to get rid of in one way or another. Available on Netflix starting October 15.

Note: Under current regulations, the number of movie theaters open in Canada are very few. If you still want to enjoy a movie on the big screen, check the rules of your city.

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