Tuesday, October 27

FROM MONDAY! USCIS will continue to provide benefits, but applicants take a hard hit with the change that is coming

  • Immigrants will still be able to obtain work visas but they will be more expensive
  • The new fee will increase around a thousand dollars or more for premium processing
  • USCIS guarantees fifteen-day petition processing for those who choose to pay the additional cost

Immigrants will still be able to obtain work visas, but more expensive in the United States, according to information published by the Miami Gerald.

According to the information, the United States immigration authorities announced on Friday that, as of Monday, October 19, they will increase the fee for the priority processing of work visa applications, a special process that allows to accelerate the adjudication of the case for a considerable additional cost.

Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows US employers or foreign applicants to pay a $ 1,440 fee for premium processing, in addition to other fees required for the type of forms submitted.

This fee, which is attached to Form I-907, Application for Premium Processing Service, will increase to $ 2,500, the immigration agency said in a press release.

This premium processing service offers an expedited service in which USCIS guarantees the processing of the nonimmigrant worker petition within fifteen calendar days for those who choose to pay the additional cost.

USCIS resumed this faster special processing for certain eligible petitions in May, after suspending it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The immigration agency also reported Friday that it had updated Form I-907, which must accompany the main petition for nonimmigrant workers or Form I-129.

On July 31, USCIS announced that it would apply an average 30% increase to its fees beginning October 2, but in some cases up to a 535% increase.

The agency said the increase was necessary to “continue operations in a significant long-term manner to ensure cost recovery.”

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