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From bars to homes: almost a third of outbreaks occur in the social sphere

In mid-August, the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simon, said that the most important outbreaks that were registered at that time occurred in the social sphere. A month later, on September 24, the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, specified that there were “more than a third” the cases linked to “family and friends reunions. To this day, it is a fact that those warnings were in vain.

According to him latest report of the department of Salvador Illa, the activities carried out in the social field concentrate almost a third (31.4%) of the coronavirus outbreaks in Spain since the start of the pandemic until now. And the 66,4% This proportion comes, specifically, from family and friends gatherings.

The Health statistics, which reflects the cases that have been traced and grouped into outbreaks of at least three positives, specifies that, in the last week, the social sphere is associated with 27.4% of outbreaks (283) and 25.1% of cases (1,963). As in the general calculation, those related to family and / or friends’ reunions are the majority in this area: 68.1%.

In the accumulated, the social field is followed by the family (18.8%), the work (13.3%), the social health centers (8.3%), the educational center (6.1%), the health center (2.6%), especially vulnerable groups -reception centers or people arriving in boats- (2.1%) and others (1.9%), section in which Health groups the outbreaks registered in religious congregations, prisons or student residences.

These data underpin the importance of meeting and restaurant limitations, two of the main measures that the autonomous communities have been imposing to stop this second wave. What is not yet appreciated is their effect: daily cases continue to grow and, as in previous weekends, large bottles and private parties they focus the work of the security forces and bodies.

Some young people at the doors of a pub.


Bottles and parties

For example, throughout this weekend the Local Police of Seville has formulated 403 complaints for large bottles that add another 256 to people without a mask. In the Andalusian city there have also been 15 inspections and eight complaints to establishments for failing to comply with schedules or acting without licenses. In Granada, the first weekend with bars closing at 10 p.m., the agents have processed in two nights thirty fines for noise in floors.

In Madrid, where this rule had already been in force for a week, the Municipal Police has evicted more than 30 private parties in homes where there were a number of people greater than the allowed number and where neither masks nor any security measures were used against Covid-19. The most prominent event took place early Sunday morning in a Clandestine party in an apartment in Ríos Rosas, which resulted in four people arrested, all in a state of drunkenness, for resistance, threats and attacks on as many agents, who were later treated for minor bruises.

A similar event took place during the same morning in El Catllar (Tarragona), where the Mossos d’Esquadra closed a party in a farmhouse that did not comply with sanitary measures and that had been convened through social networks with the intention of extending until Monday morning. Specifically, the agents surprised about 130 people without a mask and without respecting safety distances.

The authorities coincide in pointing out that these “isolated” events are limited to “uncivil and antisocial attitudes that affect everyone “, but meanwhile the infections maintain the growth path that they have been drawing for weeks.

He Friday, the last day that the Ministry of Health published the report with the indicators that show the evolution of the virus, the department of Salvador Illa notified 15,186 new infections, the highest daily figure of the second wave.

On Saturday, according to the count of EL ESPAÑOL with the communities that contributed figures, there were more than 11.440 new cases; and this Sunday, 10.303. None of these figures has the figures for Madrid, which does not update its situation during the weekend and which continues to be, according to Health reports, the region that adds the most infections. These New positives reveal that neither the restrictions applied nor the state of alarm in the capital have managed to contain, so far, the virus.

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