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Fortuna Düsseldorf vs. SSV Jahn Regensburg live: Current score 0: 2

61. min

The ball is in the net, but the hit doesn’t count! Zimmer sends Pledl on his way on the right wing, who draws to the baseline and serves Karaman in the center. The Turk pushes in for the supposed connection goal – but Pledl was just offside when Zimmer was passed. Correct decision of the referee pandemic.

60. min

Even after an hour of play, Düsseldorf still doesn’t make enough progress, even if they had the best chance of the game five minutes ago. The hosts still have thirty minutes plus stoppage time to keep something worth counting in their own stadium. A 0-2 home defeat immediately after the official release of the season’s goal of promotion would of course be a fatal result.

55. min

Big chance for Fortuna Düsseldorf! Peterson pulls strongly to the baseline on the left flank and crosses the ball to the five, where Pledl comes completely free to the header – and puts the ball exactly in the arms of Alexander Meyer. If something is going to work here, the hosts have to take advantage of such opportunities.

53. min

Shinta Appelkamp replaces Marcel Sobottka and should provide an offensive momentum.

50. min

Quiet start to the second round: Düsseldorf lets the ball run through its own ranks, Regensburg temporarily confines itself to the defensive with the lead in the back.

46. ​​min

Uwe Rösler reacted to the weak first round with a personnel change, Brandon Borrello stays in the cabin and is replaced by Kristoffer Peterson.

45. min + 2. min

In an even game, the more effective team leads by two goals! After the quick start in Regensburg, Düsseldorf took control of the game despite the deficit and also had a few chances before the guests struck again. After the 0: 2 a game developed with chances on both sides, but it stayed with the score until the break. If Düsseldorf wants to avoid a false start to the season, a significant increase in performance must be achieved in the second round. Photo: Roland Weihrauch, dpa

45. min + 2. min

The first half is over! At the break, Düsseldorf is behind with 0-2 against Jahn Regensburg.

45. min

Kaan Caliskaner pulls from the left in the middle and from 16 meters with the right, the leather goes half a meter past the box.

41. min

Marcel Sobottka sees the first yellow card of the game for a foul on Max Besuschkow just behind the center line.

40. min

Five minutes before the end of the first round, the game loses some pace. Regensburg seems to be satisfied with the 2-0 break, Düsseldorf simply lacked the offensive ideas so far.

36. min

Double chance Jahn Regensburg! Stolze leaves room on the left in the penalty area and simply pulls away with her left, Kastenmeier parries to the corner. This ends up via detours at Albers, whose direct pick-up with the left, however, goes just under a meter above the Düsseldorfer Tor.

33. min

Sobottka refueled well on the right in the penalty area and brought the ball sharply into the five, where Sebastian Nachreiner almost steered the leather into his own net – but Oliver Hein saves on the line.

29. min

Pledl pulls into the penalty area from the right and falls in a duel with Erik Wekesser. Dr. However, Robert Kampka immediately indicates: No foul, let’s go on.

26. min

Zimmer is looking with a cross into the five-a-side Rouwen Hennings, but Alexander Meyer has paid attention and intercepts the cross.

23. min

In a game at eye level, Düsseldorf actually has a little more of the game, but the guests used their only two chances. The Regensburg 2-0 lead after half of the first round is therefore a bit lucky.

20. min

Regensburg incredibly efficient! After a long ball from Oliver Hein, Stolze prevailed against the young Jamil Siebert and then remained free in front of keeper Kastenmeier.

20. min

Goal for Jahn Regensburg! Sebastian Stolze increased to 2-0.

18. min

The advancing defender Oliver Hein tries it from 23 meters, but his low shot clearly misses the Düsseldorf box.

15. min

After a corner from the right, Florian Hartherz comes to the header at the second post – over it.

13. min

Karaman pulls from the left flank into the center and attracts three opponents. Then the Turkish international served Pledl, who was standing free in the penalty area, but his shot landed on the side netting.

10. min

Düsseldorf seems to have overcome the early setback and is taking control of the game more and more. Again and again, Rouwen Hennings is sought in the center of the storm, but so far without the very large yield.

7. min

Hennings is sent on the left wing and is looking for his strike colleague Kenan Karaman in the center with a low cross, but Elvedi strikes in between. First good offensive action by the hosts.

4. min

How will Düsseldorf react? The hosts recently defined promotion as a clear goal for the season, but with currently three points and an early 0-1 in this game, it doesn’t really look like that.

1. min

It only took 24 seconds and the ball is already wriggling in the Düsseldorf network! After a cross from Wekesser, Andreas Albers climbs highest in the center and nods casually in the lower right corner. Dream start for Jahn.

1. min

Goal for Jahn Regensburg! Andreas Albers snaps to an early opening goal.

Preliminary report

Referee Robert Kampka will lead the game.

Preliminary report

The initial formation of Jahn Regensburg: Alexander Meyer – Oliver Hein, Sebastian Nachreiner, Jan Elvedi, Erik Wekesser – Albion Vrenezi, Christoph Moritz, Max Besuschkow, Sebastian Stolze – Kaan Caliskaner, Andreas Albers

Preliminary report

The starting eleven of Fortuna Düsseldorf: Florian Kastenmeier – Jean Zimmer, Jamil Siebert, Luka Krajnc, Florian Hartherz – Adam Bodzek, Marcel Sobottka – Thomas Pledl, Brandon Borrello – Kenan Karaman, Rouwen Hennings

Preliminary report

SSV Jahn Regensburg want to remain undefeated after the international break. However, coach Mersad Selimbegovic has to do without the suspended Benedikt Gimber, for him Caliskaner rotates into the starting lineup.

Preliminary report

Coach Uwe Rösler can fall back on the last striker, Rouwen Hennings. “He’s a leader, so it’s important that he’s back. It gives the other players confidence,” said the coach. Matthias Zimmermann, Edgar Prib, Andre Hoffmann, Emmanuel Iyoha and Alfredo Morales are still missing.

Preliminary report

The start of the season was anything but good for the hosts, after three games they are in 15th place with three points. Jahn Regensburg is slightly better with two points more, but Fortuna Düsseldorf is clearly favored today.

Preliminary report

Bundesliga relegated Fortuna Düsseldorf officially announced its season goal for the first time in a message. “A club like Fortuna Düsseldorf, as a relegated team, has to pursue the goal of getting up again. We know that in the current situation it is an ambitious goal that we can only achieve if we can positively master the external circumstances and imponderables,” said it in a joint declaration by the board, coach and team.

Preliminary report

Welcome to the game Fortuna Düsseldorf against SSV Jahn Regensburg!

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