Friday, October 30

FC Würzburger Kickers vs. Holstein Kiel live: Current score 0: 2

90. min + 4. min

Kiel is again leader of the table: Holstein Kiel prevails in a physical game against the newly promoted from Bavaria. Janni Serras (M) goal was the end of a great combination of the North Germans. Würzburg came too rarely in front of the storks’ goal during the entire game and in the end beat himself with the own goal by Dietz. Kiel is leader of the table until at least Wednesday evening – then HSV can counter with a win against Aue. Photo: Daniel Karmann, dpa

Next games FC Würzburger Kickers:

Hamburger SV (A), VfL Bochum 1848 (H), 1.FC Heidenheim (A)

Next games Holstein Kiel:

SpVgg Greuther Fürth (H), FC Erzgebirge Aue (A), Hamburger SV (H)

90. min + 4. min

Final whistle! Kiel wins 2-0 against the Kickers.

Tore: 0: 1 Janni Serra (22.), 0: 2 Lars Dietz (75./Eigentor)

90th min + 1st min

Jonas Meffert also leaves the field. Ahmet Arslan is allowed to take over.

90th min + 1st min

Werner takes time from the clock: Serra goes for Benjamin Girth

85. min

Janni Serra sees a yellow card after a swallow.

82. min

Change Holstein Kiel. Aleksandar Ignjovski replaces Alexander Mühling because of an injury.

75. min

Ice cold, Holstein Kiel: After a corner, Kiel keeps the ball in the danger zone. Mühling can flank flat from the right and serve Serra in the middle, who cannot be said twice and makes it 2-0. However, it wasn’t Serra at all, but Lars Dietz with the own goal.

75. min

Würzburg’s unlucky fellow Lars Dietz scored the 0-2 with an own goal!

71. min

Next yellow card of the game: Jonas Meffert is the culprit.

70. min

Overall, you can tell that Würzburg wants to, but can’t. The kickers put pressure on, but can rarely ask Gelios to act.

66. min

Robert Herrmann tests Gelios from a distance. The keeper is long and can parry well.

64. min

Change Holstein Kiel. Finn Porath replaces Fabian Reese.

60. min

Mitja Lotric leaves the field with yellow. Keanu Staude is new to the game.

56. min

Vladimir Nikolov immediately receives a yellow card from Dr. Jöllenbeck.

54. min

Kiel makes the game and wants to break away. The Kickers have so far been able to defend the storks’ attacks well.

46. ​​min

Also Kiel with fresh staff: Joshua Mees goes down – Niklas Hauptmann enters the lawn.

46. ​​min

Change of hosts: Dominic Baumann makes way for Vladimir Nikolov.

46. ​​min

The ball is rolling again!

45. min + 3. min

Intense fight in Würzburg: Referee Jöllenbeck had to hand out five yellow cards. Except for a few good scenes of the storks, there wasn’t much going on. The kickers can rarely convert ball wins in the Kiel half into deals – and if it does happen, the necessary precision is missing. Photo: Daniel Karmann, dpa

45. min + 3. min

Halftime! Kiel leads 1-0 thanks to Serra.

45. min + 3. min

Serra is just inches too short to make it 2-0. The attacker makes himself very long in front of the goal, but cannot get the ball – Giefer can easily collect the leather.

45. min

Robert Herrmann dares from 17 meters and closes. The conclusion, however, is too weak to seriously embarrass Kiel keeper Ioannis Gelios.

41. min

Next yellow card of the game: Douglas is the culprit.

37. min

Lars Dietz extends his elbow in the header duel against Meffert and sees yellow.

36. min

Mitja Lotric gets the shot after a great preparation by Luke Hemmerich. The Kiel throw themselves in between and block the conclusion.

35. min

The Kickers can now settle in the Kiel half. But that’s not enough for a shot on goal.

33. min

It’s the sum that counts: Joshua Mees fouls Daniel Hägele and can’t complain about the card.

27. min

Frank Ronstadt cannot continue! Luke Hemmerich is new to the game.

22. min

The KSV refined a considerable move: Mühling surprised the entire Kickers defense with a long ball on Jae-Sung Lee. The left winger makes a few meters before he crosses over to Janni Serra. The striker finally pushes the ball into the goal with a flying header.

22. min

Tooor! Kiel leads 1-0 through the gate of Serra.

20. min

Finally an offensive attempt: Kiel lets the ball run well and brings Serra into a promising final position – but his shot does not find its way onto goal.

14. min

Mees have to be careful. In the air duel against Frank Ronstadt, the newcomer from Kiel extends his elbow and again does not get the yellow card.

13. min

Jannik Dehm prevents a Würzburg counterattack and rightly sees the yellow card.

11. min

Würzburg delivers the construction of the storks early, but so far cannot do much with conquering the ball.

4. min

Intense start: Now Joshua Mees is late and barely avoiding a yellow card.

2. min

Würzburg’s Mitja Lotric quickly sees the first yellow card of the game for his overly tough entry.

Preliminary report

The ball is rolling!

Preliminary report

The meeting will be led by Dr. Matthias Jöllenbeck

Preliminary report

At the big FC Bayern no fans are allowed in the stadium, at Würzburg they are. The Kickers expect 1300 supporters in the flyeralarm arena.

Preliminary report

Ole Werner has to field today without the injured Bartels:

Ioannis Gelios – Jannik Dehm, Hauke ​​Wahl, Marco Komenda, Johannes van den Bergh – Fabian Reese, Alexander Mühling, Jonas Meffert, Jae-Sung Lee, Joshua Mees – Janni Serra

Preliminary report

The Kickers play without new signing Ridge Munsy:

Fabian Giefer – Frank Ronstadt, Douglas, Lars Dietz, Arne Feick – Daniel Hägele, Patrick Sontheimer – Mitja Lotric, David Kopacz, Robert Herrmann – Dominic Baumann

Preliminary report

Kiel is uniquely good: The Kiel started the season with seven points and can regain the lead in the table today. With seven points after three games, the storks are better than ever in the 2nd Bundesliga.

Preliminary report

Ridge Munsy carries the Würzburg hopes on his shoulders: The new addition brings an outstanding form from Switzerland to Germany. The attacker scored twelve times in 15 games in the second half of the season. That was the second best value in the Swiss Super League.

Preliminary report

The northern Germans feel at home in Bavaria: The storks almost always deliver in Bavaria. Holstein lost only one of nine competitive games against Bavarian teams, against Fürth in 2018 with 1: 4.

Preliminary report

Can Würzburg finally end the dry spell? The Kickers have been waiting for a threesome for 20 2nd division games. Most recently, the Antwerp team succeeded in 2016 against VfB Stuttgart 3-0.

Preliminary report

Welcome to the second division duel between the Würzburger Kickers and Holstein Kiel.

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