Tuesday, October 27

FC Erzgebirge Aue against 1. FC Heidenheim live: Current score 0: 0

29. min

Norman Theuerkauf is rather clumsy: First he fouls Riese, then he shows himself incomprehensible against Brand – the yellow card is still not given.

27. min

Heidenheim doesn’t do it badly, the guests just lack a goal to get a good start here.

21. min

That hurts: Riese comes too late and hits Föhrenbach hard. Brand leaves it at a warning.

18. min

The violets are still having a hard time. Somehow nothing will work out right. Due to the corona cases, the chum club had a week longer break compared to Heidenheim, is that now having a negative impact?

12. min

Männel shows his skills: Christian Kühlwetter is sent through a steep pass and demands a great save from the Au goalkeeper from 16 meters.

10. min

Föhrenbach dares from 20 meters and just pulls off. His shot is blocked – the corner disrupts the hosts’ defense and only Männel can prevent the goal.

8. min

This is called the sampling phase: With both teams, the ball does not roll confidently through their own ranks and an organized game structure is not yet in sight.

4. min

Aue kept his passion for football over the long break: The violets start early and come through Philipp Riese to the first end of the game, but his shot spins past Kevin Müller’s goal.

Preliminary report

Benjamin Brand is the referee of the game.

Preliminary report

500 Aue fans will create a good atmosphere in the stands today.

Preliminary report

Marc Schnatterer starts at the bank:

Kevin Müller – Kevin Sessa, Patrick Mainka, Norman Theuerkauf, Jonas Föhrenbach – Robert Leipertz, Jan Schöppner, Andreas Geipl, Konstantin Kerschbaumer, Christian Kühlwetter – Patrick Schmidt

Preliminary report

Dirk Schuster sends these guys out onto the lawn:

Martin Männel – Sören Gonther, Louis Samson, Florian Ballas – John-Patrick Strauss, Ognjen Gnjatic, Philipp Riese, Calogero Rizzuto – Ben Zolinski – Pascal Testroet, Florian Krüger

Preliminary report

Two anniversaries are being celebrated today: Martin Männel in the box of violets is standing for the 400th time for the buddies club between the posts. With his 200th assignment for the FCH, Marc Schnatterer would underpin his legendary status on the Eastern Alb. If the attacker hits twice today, it will be goals 49 and 50 in the dress of the near-climber.

Preliminary report

Fear away from home at Heidenheim? The FCH has been waiting for a victory in the distance for nine competitive games. The record with three draws and six defeats gives little courage for all Heidenheim fans today. In these nine games, the Heidenheim team only met three times.

Preliminary report

Solid start to the season? For the first time in the club’s history, FC Erzgebirge Aue can survive the first three games without defeat with a draw or victory.

Preliminary report

Frank Schmidt did not travel to Aue with me – The head coach is in the hospital with an inflammation in the abdominal area. His coaching team around assistant coach Bernhard Raab will take over for him.

Preliminary report

Fear opponent Heidenheim: Aue associates only a few positive memories with games against last season’s almost promoted team. In 13 competitive games against the FCH so far, the buddy club has only won one victory. In addition, the violets went in seven of these 13 matches without a goal of their own.

Preliminary report

Welcome to the duel between Aue and Heidenheim on the 4th day of the 2nd Bundesliga.


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