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Favorite dishes of the editor: Bolo à la Greta for the sponsored child

Hard to distinguish from the meaty original: the vegetarian Bolognese with zucchini noodles
Image: Photo: Heike Lattka

The good old Bolognese has had its day. We need a climate-friendly recipe to replace the Italian classic. The secret ingredient of the deceptively real veggie variant: dried mushrooms.

Whe just a few years ago it was easy to be both a popular cook and a good godmother. Fish fingers or spaghetti with Bolognese always earned Sophie five stars. Now the once easy-care day guest is going through puberty and, as a big Greta fan, deals a lot with climate change and the environment. Bolognese with minced meat is therefore no longer an option, a vegetarian version of the Italian classic has to be on the table.

Heike Lattka

Heike Lattka

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Main-Taunus-Kreis.

The aunt, however, also has her experiences. At an event with meat fan and TV chef Tim Mälzer, of all places, she learned how to prepare a deceptively real-looking Bolognese without meat. When he was talking to students from the Maria Ward School in Bad Homburg a few years ago, his sous chef was already in the school kitchen drying chopped mushrooms in the oven. The cook had time and told the curious journalist that there was nothing better to imitate the taste of minced meat. The essential basic ingredient for the in-house Veggi Bolognese on zucchini pasta was found.

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