Tuesday, October 27

Fatal accident in a Galician school: a boy with burns in one eye when another small one threw gel

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The holy authorities have warned him by active and passive. But even then it is not enough. It is demonstrated by what happened in Lalín, Galicia, where a child had to be transferred to Clinical Hospital of Santiago with eye injuries produced by burns of a hydroalcoholic gel to avoid contagion by coronavirus.

The youngest, three years old, He was in the dining room of the Vicente Arias de la Maza school when another schoolboy threw gel at him. The liquid reached his eye and, immediately, the child had to be taken to hospital for treatment last Wednesday. Next Tuesday he will undergo an amniotic membrane transplant operation.

The child, since the incident occurred, does not stop screaming in pain, according to the family in La Voice of Galicia. Doctors provide painkillers in a way so that the little one can bear the pain: has ulcers of a centimeter.

Clinical Hospital of Santiago.

Although the family has not taken legal action, it has complained to the center that the child was not transferred until his mother, who was five miles from the school when the incident occurred, did not arrive.

Now, they focus on the little one recovering. They don’t have their intentions on something else. Of course, they have warned of how dangerous these hydroalcoholic gels are if they are misused and that educational centers must be careful so that the little ones, especially those of Infants, do not misuse it.

The territorial headquarters of Education has requested a report from the Inspection on what happened. At the moment, yes, they consider it to be something fortuitous.

Gel dangers

The hydroalcoholic gels are necessary to fight the coronavirus, but they should also be used with caution. Health authorities recommend using, whenever possible, gel or soap to wash hands. However, there are times when it is not possible.

In these situations, it is mandatory to use the gel with 70% alcohol, but carefully: it must not be used or applied to sensitive or damaged areas of the skin or mucous membranes, it must be kept away from hot surfaces, avoid smoking after use, Store them in cool places and be careful not to get gel in your eyes. In case of ingestion, it is also necessary to go to the nearest hospital emergency room.


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