Monday, October 26

Expert explains: 3 mistakes almost all men make when shaving

We spoke to Rob McMillen, the New York beard guru and barber expert for L’Oreal Men, about the mistakes that should be avoided when shaving wet.

Perfect grooming – that is the life’s work of barber Rob McMillen. The American’s credo: The customer must feel so comfortable with the beard that he has no problem at home styling it perfectly himself. He revealed to GQ the three mistakes men like to make when shaving wet. The good news in advance: Everything doesn’t always have to be very precise!

Mistake # 1: You are taking too little time

You want to start right away with the Shave? Please do not! Indispensable before a close shave: warming the face. In the barber shop we do this with warm towels, but a hot shower is also possible. This makes the whisker swell up and make it easier to clip. But: allow for five minutes of heating time! So don’t rush …

Mistake # 2: You are only looking in the mirror in front of you

The straight chin line and contour can only be assessed from the side, not from the front. It is best to use the shaving mirror or the selfie cam on the mobile phone. Please let the shave on the chin line run out one centimeter above the Adam’s apple. Those hard and way too high shaved edges that you see everywhere are terribly unattractive!

Mistake # 3: You’re Trimming Too Precisely

Naturalness is all the rage. So everything that looks a bit stubborn, random. Means: do not shave exact, straight edges, let gray hair grow calmly and rather not dye it. Chaos is cool.

This article was written by (Constantin Herrmann)

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