Sunday, November 1

Eight arrests in Lyon on the sidelines of a demonstration of “yellow vests”

Illustration during a demonstration of “yellow vests” in Lyon. – EAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK / AFP

According to the authorities, the clashes were no injuries but caused a big mess at the southern entrance to the city. On Saturday, eight people were taken into police custody Saturday in Lyon after clashes between police officers and demonstrators on the sidelines of a prohibited gathering of “yellow vests”, said the Rhône prefecture.

Among the eight police custody, one concerns a projectile throw, the same source said. According to the prefecture, 500 people demonstrated on Saturday afternoon in downtown Lyon, following a call for “act 101” of “yellow vests” but also support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement and antifas.

Any demonstration being prohibited in this perimeter, the police quickly intervened and clashes broke out in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon, with tear gas and projectiles jets, without causing any injuries, according to the prefecture. These incidents led to major traffic jams in the south of the city at the end of the day, in the direction of Gerland, south-west Lyonnais and at the level of Confluence in particular.

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