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Duque assures indigenous groups that he does not dialogue under threats

POLITICS. The President of Colombia, Iván Duque

Given the imminent arrival of the indigenous minga to Bogotá, President Iván Duque warned that he does not dialogue under threats. “This has been a dialogue government in the territories with all sectors of the population. Nobody has to make ultimatums to this government, nobody has to place it, because in the constructive dialogue we have shown that we are always thinking about the reality of the citizens, “added the head of state from the department of Nariño.

This Friday, within the framework of the closing of the National Hospitality Congress and Expocotelco 2020, President Duque had already warned that the Government dialogues without threats and without ultimatums, emphasizing that “pyromaniacs” set fire to popular sentiments to attack the economic reactivation.

We have been throughout the national territory and we are advancing in a national conversation that has presented many measures that are being adopted today and that have been adopted in recent months. Therefore, in the spirit of dialogue, we are with all sectors moving towards meeting all the goals of the National Development Plan, “said the president at that event.

In line with the pandemic that is being experienced in the country, since last October 10, the indigenous minga convened by the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (Cric) has advanced, given the wave of violence that has worsened in the country and by the Police abuse that was made visible with the murder of Javier Ordóñez at the hands of some police officers.

Among the list of requests that the indigenous minga has for the national government is the dismantling of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad) and that the peace talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN) be resumed. At first, the indigenous minga had planned to arrive in Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca, to meet with President Iván Duque with the purpose of presenting him with the list of requests, however, the president did not attend the meeting and instead sent a delegation of the High Government to dialogue with the indigenous people of Cauca. The delegation was made up of the Ministers of Health and Justice, Fernando Ruiz and Alicia Arango, respectively, among other senior officials.

Therefore, the Palacio de los Deportes will be the place that will host the participants of the indigenous minga when they arrive in Bogotá. This was confirmed this Friday by the Secretary of Government of the capital, Luis Ernesto Gómez.

“We have a capacity and capacity at the Palacio de los Deportes that for spending the night exceeds 2,000, 3,000, but let us also remember that the palace is located in a complex with several green areas where some tents will be put up. We have a very important equipment from the district, ”he said.

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