Tuesday, October 27

Double Jenni Rivera rudeness says in Instagram video

  • Jenni Rivera’s double shows that she also knows how to say rudeness like the Diva de la Banda
  • Through a video, she shows her fans the other ‘quality’ that the grupera singer had
  • She manages to attract attention by imitating one of the presentations that the artist had in life

Gracie Macías, better known as the double of the Diva de la Banda, Jenni Rivera, surprised her fans with a video that she uploaded to Instagram and in which they discover that in addition to her voice, the physical resemblance and the way of drinking, found that it is also the same to say curses.

It all happened through her account of Instagram @gracie_as_jenni and that has caused such a sensation that until the morning of this October 18, 2020 it already had more than 2,330 views and only a few comments from its audience.

In the video you can see the double and the missing singer while saying in a verbatim way: “Sir, there are many people who are perfect, Forgive me my God for saying so much majestic, but how chin …” original audio from the day the artist said it.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Instagram @gracie_as_jenni

With this representation, Jenni Rivera’s double made it clear that she has all the ‘qualities’ that are required to be a good impersonator of the Diva de la Banda and that for these details she has also won the affection of the public for her unique form to represent the singer.

Gracie Macías currently has more than 27,300 followers, is about to reach 3,000 publications and follows more than 1,250 people on Instagram.

Since she started uploading videos in which she looks like a Jenni Rivera impersonator, she has achieved great fame for her great physical resemblance, as well as her voice and even her way of drinking. This has earned him thousands of followers who recognize his effort to keep alive the image of the Diva de la Banda, who passed away on December 9, 2012.

The singer achieved fame for some songs such as ‘Dear partner’, ‘What are you going to give me’, ‘The great lady’, ‘In exchange for what’, ‘When a lady dies’, ‘Enough already’, among many others .

Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash and caused a commotion in the entertainment world, since she was one of the most beloved artists in Mexico and the United States, by the Hispanic public.


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