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Do you pay high fees for your contracts? So you can find cheaper deals

Consumers in the most populous German state are front runners when it comes to dismissal. The values ​​in Saarland as well as in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hamburg and Bremen are similarly high. In contrast, the termination rate in Saxony is far below the national level. This is shown in the current cancellation atlas from Aboalarm. The termination service reminds citizens to terminate their contracts in good time before they are automatically renewed.

Residents of cities in North Rhine-Westphalia are particularly willing to change

When comparing cities, cities from North Rhine-Westphalia dominate. The stronghold of redundancies, Duisburg, is ahead in the city ranking, followed by Cologne, Dortmund and Essen. Only in fifth place is a city outside of the most populous federal state – the municipality of Bremen.

Thilo Knaupp, Managing Director of Aboalarm, explains the data: “Especially where there are no urban centers and rural structures dominate, people are less likely to quit, for example in eastern Germany.”

Account, internet, gym: big differences in contracts

According to the subscription alarm, the difference between town and country is particularly evident in certain specific products such as contracts for internet and telephone, bank accounts or gyms.

The city-states of Berlin and Hamburg are at the forefront when it comes to bank account changes. In Munich and Stuttgart, too, consumers rarely remain loyal to their financial institutions.

It is often worth terminating – even without changing your contract

That doesn’t have to be negative, says Aboalarm expert Knaupp. “Those who stay in old contracts for too long often pay too much.” The simple reason: In many cases, service providers offer new customers significantly more attractive conditions than they give loyal existing customers.

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For this reason, the contract expert advises all consumers: “Simply cancel. Because even if there is no alternative to the existing provider, they often come up with a better offer after the termination. Without a change of contract. ”And that could pay off financially.

Thoroughly check offers before concluding a contract

However, it seems better than some form of contract shopping to find out more before consumers conclude contracts. There are also various comparison calculators – for example when looking for particularly lucrative credit cards.

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