Friday, October 30

Demonstration in Dortmund: “lateral thinker” without a mask in the risk area

A staging of the “lateral thinkers”: so-called “hygiene citizens”, equipped with protective suit and barcode.
Image: dpa

If there is a demonstration against corona protective measures in a city with high numbers of infections in the middle of the pandemic, it can be expected that many will not wear a mask. This is actually how a number of “lateral thinkers” in Dortmund hold it – allegedly with a certificate.

Rand 1,100 people demonstrated against the corona requirements in downtown Dortmund on Sunday, according to police. The police reported that many participants in the “lateral thinking” initiative did not wear mouth and nose protection or took off their masks. A spokeswoman said the organizer had cited the fact that very many were exempted from the mask requirement through medical certificates. In the afternoon, at least two forgeries had already been discovered and criminal charges had been filed.

The police in Dortmund had prepared with a large contingent for the approximately 3,000 protesters who had originally registered. Dortmund is one of the cities that has exceeded the highest corona warning threshold – with over 50 new infections calculated for 100,000 inhabitants in seven days. On Sunday, the Robert Koch Institute showed the so-called seven-day incidence here at 66.5. This means that stricter protective measures such as mask requirements also apply in pedestrian zones and in crowded places.

On the banners of the “lateral thinkers” were slogans such as “Corona Dictatorship Union” or “Live the Basic Law – against the vaccination mafia”. On a mask – worn below the nose – read: “Muzzle”. A lone counter-demonstrator held up his sign in the crowd that read “Corona is killing. Wear masks! ”According to the police, there were no riots on Sunday afternoon.

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The authorities had already announced in advance that they would take consistent action against behavior that is harmful to health. The police also used a drone for this purpose. A division into small groups with a maximum of five people, minimum distances and mouth and nose coverage were prescribed.

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