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Daughter of Trump attorney Giuliani unpacks in newspaper – “attack” by the Trump administration

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Now another celebrity has taken a stand before the 2020 US election and warned against Donald Trump’s re-election. The daughter of Trump attorney Giuliani expresses vehement criticism of Donald Trump.

  • The daughter of a close confidante of US-Präsident Donald Trump speaks publicly for Joe Biden out.
  • Caroline Rose Giuliani, the daughter of Trump-Lawyer Rudy Giuliani, writes of “attack” the Trump-Government.
  • All information about the elections in the USA on November 3rd, see the news about the 2020 election.

Washington – Again a celebrity takes a clear stand against Donald Trump. But this statement against that US presidents about three weeks before the US presidential election attracts special attention. It is the daughter of one of the closest employees of the US presidentswho had to bail him out several times, including in seemingly dubious cases: Caroline Rose Giuliani, the daughter of Rudy Giuliani. Her father is a personal lawyer and a close companion of US-Präsident Donald Trump and knows this from his time as Mayor of New York.

Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump’s personal attorney, close confidante and companion of the US President.


Trump attorney’s daughter calls US election “on the edge of a cliff”

The daughter Caroline Rose Giuliani now has to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called. “Trump and the people who empowered him used his presidency to fuel the injustice that has already permeated our society, ”wrote Caroline Rose Giuliani in an article published on Thursday in the US magazine “Vanity Fair”. “We’re hanging on the edge of a cliff with a single slipping finger and the fall will be fatal.” Trumps “Reign of Terror” must be ended.

2020 US election: daughter of Trump confidants warns of Trump’s re-election

Caroline Rose Giuliani do not like to get in touch with her father, but now think it is imperative to use her name and the attentiveness that goes with it. She and her father, ex-mayor of New York City, not only divided “multiverses” in political terms. Rudy Giuliani has turned from a “polarizing mayor” to “the president’s personal bulldog”, according to their statement. “I may not be able to change my father’s mind, but together we can elect this toxic government out of office.” Giulianiwho works as a filmmaker.

Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump’s personal attorney, close confidante and companion of the US President.


The daughter of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani speaks of an “attack” by the Trump administration

Trumps “Inhuman” politics attack LGBTQ +, women, migrants, people with disabilities and people of color – i.e. people who are exposed to racism, she warned. The effects of climate change are already being felt – the earth will not be able to survive four more years of the government’s “attack” on the environment.

Also on the democratic candidate Biden practices the daughter of Trump– Trusted review: Biden was also not their first choice among the Democratic presidential candidates. “But I know what’s at stake, and Joe Biden will be the president of all when he is elected ”so Giuliani. She appeals to the American people who plan to cast an empty ballot paper or to stay away from the election altogether.
Her father Rudy Giuliani represents Trump legal. He also frequently makes aggressive appearances on television and promotes Trump. Rudy Giuliani also played a key role in the Ukraine affair, which was impeached against Trump triggered. Giuliani had actively sought an investigation against Ukraine Trumps Counterparties Biden to move. (With material from agencies)

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